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2019 is here, and it is the right time to inquire about what’s new in the HR Tech industry. In this year, HR leaders will focus on acquiring human skills along with machine capabilities. With digitization on the rise, we can see new disruptors entering the market now and then.

Let’s talk about the top 5 HR technology trends to watch in 2019 and how they will impact HR. It’s time you create your business strategies based on these trends.

1.Candidate Experience

It is a candidate-driven market. HR managers will focus more on finding out ways to provide a positive experience to the candidates. Your ATS should be efficient enough for the candidates to apply for the job with ease. At times, candidates visit your website page but leave mid-way while submitting their resume.

60% of job seekers say they have quit an application due to its length or complexity.

Source: talentadore

Why does this happen? Read to know why candidates are anxious about filling up job applications.

AI is the best way to resolve this issue. Use a resume parser to enhance your recruitment process and promote smart talent acquisition.

2. Virtual Reality

Do you know the VR market will be worth US$33 billion by 2024?

Source: marketwatch

Virtual reality is an upcoming concept in technology and getting popularity even in the HR industry.

VR in Recruitment
VR makes it easier for a candidate to assess the work culture, environment, and office structure before getting the job. This creates candidate’s interest in the job position and the company.

VR in Onboarding
New employees are put in real-life scenarios before they start working. This helps them in getting the hang of how their job profile works.

3. Natural Language Processing

NLP is a kind of AI with which software can understand human interactions in spoken or written form. A chatbot is an excellent example of NLP. It responds to candidate’s queries, asks for their resume, screens candidates by asking about their experience, skills, education and schedules an interview with a recruiter.

4. Social Recruiting

Social media is an excellent platform which gives you an opportunity to screen, engage and hire the best talent. Social recruiting is not only about posting jobs on social media but also attracting candidates through channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

80% of employers say social recruiting helps them find non-active candidates.

Source: talentnow

5. HR Analytics

Data transforms the role of HR. Data-driven recruiting is another hottest trend adopted by hiring managers and recruiters. Take the right decision based on metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, applicants-per-source, etc. HR managers can also increase a company’s productivity by using data to check employee performance.

22% of companies have adopted HR analytics, and 11% have adopted the role itself.

Source: LinkedIn

For example, SAP has acquired Qualtrics for $8 billion to capture and analyze 'experience data' from customers and employees.

Do you know about any other HR Tech trends? Share your knowledge with us.

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