You want to cong ty thiet ke website design a professional website and invest in Marketing Online, what you want most of all is to convert visitors into real customers of the business. This article will send you some useful and creative web design tips with the hope of helping you in shaping or improving your website.

1. First impression

The user visits your website, and with the first impression in mind, they are willing to discard the unattractive design and content, the visitor decides to explore your website or just leave. in the first 10 seconds.

Impressive design when combined with engaging and useful informational content helps to make a lasting impact. As visitors spend more time on the site, they increase the likelihood of generating frequent, trustworthy traffic that shapes your product and business. Motivate customers to make a decision to call or place an order.

A great and attractive website design facilitates attention boost and action conversion.

2. Improve SEO rankings, Optimize mobile-friendly Web design

Your business has a specific working time, which can limit administrative time but for the website, the marketing of your product or business is non-stop, even when you are sleeping. Therefore, it is important that you make your website display stable, responsive design suitable for all types of mobile devices, SEO Optimization, and quang cao google systematic distribution of products & services to maintain. traffic retention.

When it comes to high search rankings, responsive websites perform better. Mobile Compatible Website Design provides a better user experience than websites that are not mobile-friendly. Furthermore, responsive design helps modern and newest websites attract modern users.

Professional website design company, SEO standard

3. Strong branding

Design a professional and impressive website, which will have more positive effects on buyers and potential customers. Besides demonstrating expertise, it helps build awareness and expand credibility. Quite clearly, a great design always makes a lasting impression. According to 75% of marketers, displaying content on a website effectively is simpler and better than advertising on a magazine.

A great website that helps your business promotion on social media

Selling and promoting products & services on social media is price-effective compared to conventional ways to bring the necessary visibility to your business.

4. Define goals and measure appropriate indicators

Measuring the number of website visits or the importance of the website to the overall business is indispensable. With the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics, Alexa, Ahrefs ..., it's easy to see what rate of visitors return, how long they spend on the site, and which landing pages they like. Interestingly, track the number as well as the actions that users use, interact on your website.

This helps to improve the experience for the user, or the customer, thereby delivering business success. For a business website, one of the most important numbers to measure is the conversion rate each time a user completes an important task on the website. Conversion metrics will vary depending on the goals your business has for your website.

5. Design promotions

Promotional campaigns will boost the purchasing power of customers and increase brand awareness, becoming a huge part of maintaining and promoting a website. From there, it is possible to create a certain coverage for the business, attracting customers is a way to create potential customers in the future.

Follow these tips with planning and doing the right thing so that website design maximizes the role of business brand marketing and revenue promotion.

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