In the recent years, more people are using contact lenses and glasses. The drastic use of devices that include computers at homes is a contributor to this increase. Also; watching television is also a contributor. Opticians recommend regular exercise use to maintain the health of the eyes. For those who use the lenses or glasses, exercise for the eyes is necessary. Exercising ensures that your vision remains good. Some of the exercises best for the eyes are described below. Most opticians recommend them so one should not ignore them. The exercises are simple, and some are fun to do.

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Most will overlook blinking yet it enables the eyes to keep focusing for long. Those who are constantly working with computers and watching television have the tendency to blink less. The reason is that they want to focus intently on the screen. Reduced blinking makes the eyes tired and strained. Blinking help the eyes to relax and feel less tired. Try blinking for three or four minutes in a period of 30 seconds. This is helpful for the eyes. Blinking helps the eyes focus more and better. When you blink, the eyes go in a session of darkness. This is essential to ensure that the information seen is discarded and get them ready for new or fresh information. The essence of blinking is to reduce the eye strain. Eye strain reduces the focus time. You can also use eye cream to improve focus. However ask for guidance on how to choose eye cream. Blinking can also be helpful in communication. Blink at intervals to ensure that the person you are talking to you feels at ease. Lack of blinking may make a person think that you are a threat or aggressive with him or her.

While using a computer, take a break and palm. It is a method of relieving stress from the eyes. It enables the eyes to relax while you take the break. Relaxing the eyes makes them strain less. Before beginning palming, ensure to take some deep breaths. Lean forward comfortably on a desk and ensure the elbows rest on the knees. After this, close both eyes. Place the hands over your eyes with a cup of the palm covering the eyes. Ensure your fingers are on the forehead. The heel of the hand should rest on the cheekbone. Without putting or adding too much pressure on eyes, ensure you can blink. The exercise makes it possible for you to reset the mind and gives the eyes the opportunity to relax.

Figure of Eight
Exercising the eye muscles increases the flexibility. The exercise is simple and also good for the eyes. Imagine a figure eight that looks like a giant about ten or so feet standing in front of you. Turn the figure on the side. Try tracing the figure slowly and with no hurry. Do it one way for about two minutes and then the other for two minutes. The exercise looks alien, but you should ensure to persevere it for the sake of the health of the eyes. The exercise improves your eyes flexibility and thus reduces strain.

Near and Far Focusing
This can be your favorite exercise if you do it regularly. If you do it in a place where there are several people, you are likely to get strange looks. Stand or sit in the position that makes you comfortable. Put your thumb like 10 inches to your front and focus. Now focus on anything else that you see but should be ten to twenty feet away. Take deep breaths before switching the near and the far focus. Do the exercise for as long as you can. It is fun and at the same time works for the health of the eyes including improving focus and reducing strain for the eyes. Use exercises instead of using eye creams. Most people do not know how to choose eye cream.

The exercise is quick and simple. Sit in that position that makes you feel comfortable. Stretch your arm and the thumb should be in a position of the hitchhike. As your arm is outstretched, focus on the thumb. Try focusing as you bring the thumb closer to you until it gets to a distance of 2 inches away from you. Maintain focus all through. Move the thumb away as you outstretch the arm fully. Try doing this for five to ten minutes to help maintain good health for the eyes. The exercise helps improve focus and reduces the eye strain. Always remember to use eyelash growth products that are right for you.

In conclusion, the eyes require exercise just like the body. Some of the exercises are simple and cannot take long. Embrace the habit of eye exercising to keep off eye problems. Take breaks from the computers and televisions to do eye exercises. Otherwise, if you do not embrace exercise and are intently glued to the computer or television, you can have problems with vision. For those using glasses, they require exercise too. The glasses only help you focus or see better but cannot aid eye flexibility. With exercise, eye strain goes away.


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