Having a beautiful garden in front of your home not only makes it appealing but also add value to your property. However, you should keep your garden in proper shape to prevent the growth of weeds and attack of insects that can be a detriment to the beautiful shrubs, flowers and soil.

Here are some essential tips to protect your garden in every season.

Clear off Weed That Has Grown Over Time

Weeds are a severe detriment to plants and shrubs and make them vulnerable to insects and diseases. Removal of weeds is an essential part of garden care in Sunshine Coast as it can harm your plants and soil. You can either dig all of them and dispose them off or burn them thoroughly. Most of the protruding weeds that exist in a heap or a pile can spread all over and damage the other plants. So it’s better to remove them from your garden.

Remove Dead and Decaying Plants

Dead and decaying plants not only ruin the beauty of your garden but also result in fungus, pests and harmful diseases. These destructive insects tend to feed on plants and lay eggs on the stalks and leaves throughout the summer months. To ensure best garden property maintenance in Sunshine Coast, you can remove them from the soil bed or bury them somewhere in the garden. The burial of dead and decomposed plants enriches the soil with organic content and improves the soil texture and quality.

Trimming is Necessary for Every Season

garden trimming

Trimming or pruning not only remove the decomposed plants but also encourage the growth of the healthy shoots for the upcoming spring. When it comes to pruning, you must start with the summer and autumn flowering shrubs at first. It’s always better to trim the plants and shrubs as and when the leaves and flowers start fading. It clears off the faded part and encourages healthy growth of leaves.

Refill the Mulch

Replenishing the mulch, especially in winter has got many benefits. It helps to prevent water loss and protect the soil from unwanted weeds and erosion. In winter, the soil undergoes a transition to cold temperature and the frozen earth can affect the plants badly. If you apply a thick coating of mulch to the soil bed, it will keep the soil moisture and temperature intact and help in smooth transition to the cold climate. Moreover, a thick coating of mulch around the plant roots during fall can keep away heavy frost and extend the plant life.

Regenerate the Compost

With the end of the summer season, the microbes start preparing for the winter nap. Generally, you ignore the compost heap and this way you miss out on many harvesting opportunities. The compost material can be used to fix soil deficiency, layer the garden beds or to fertilize the lawns that will nourish the soil and evoke rapid growth during spring. To keep the microbes last a bit longer, you can create your end of the season heap with a bundle of autumn leaves or sawdust mixed with kitchen scraps and other green components.

Bottom Line

If you have a garden in front of your house, you need to follow a few maintenance tips to keep it healthy and attractive in all season. If you need assistance for your garden care, there are professionals to help you out.

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The author is the owner of a reputed property maintenance company in Sunshine Coast and has apt knowledge of garden care in Sunshine Coast.