Like countless new technologies, gaming can be the best pick to explore the crypto world in a more exciting way.

Blockchain and gaming is a match made in heaven. The gaming industry has been struggling with safety, compatibility and payment problems ever since online gaming began. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies is an ideal innovation that flawlessly suited to resolve these struggles and give players more complete & free gaming experience.

Here are five games that are integrating blockchain/DAG and by giving them a try you can get a head start learning.

Crypto kitties (Tradable Crypto Asset)

In 2017, the app became a true sensation. Cryptokitties is the ideal blockchain game. If you would like to have an introduction to the power of smart contracts, crypto-tokens then look no further. The success of this project is a true miracle. People have spent more than 12 million dollars on virtual kitties, and investments in crypto kittens at one point of time were more profitable than investments in stocks.

It’s a game where you can collect and breed virtual cats. The crypto cat’s stock exchange runs according to the standard laws of the market.

The real value is cryptographically unique (non-changeable) and can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain for real money. Each “kitty” has its own unique appearance, and there are 4 billion possible cats. New Generation-0 cats are created by the developers once every 15 minutes until November 2018. From then, the only supply of new cats will be through breeding.

How it works?

On a technical level, crypto kitties are based on the ERC-721 Ethereum token that means it is the non-fungible version of the ERC-20 token. They are distinctive tokens that utilize the Ethereum blockchain. All payments and auctions are done with Ethereum and you need to purchase some in order to get started with your first kitty.

The developers of Crypto kitties have struck gold with their business model. They earn 3.75% fee on each sale and get to trade all of the newly created kitties in the first year.

Benefits of playing Cryptokitties

Apart from being a money maker if you’re good then Crypto kitties is an awesome way to get involved in the world of blockchain & crypto’s. You’ll get:

Quick and practical education on Ethereum tokens like ERC-721 work. As well as how to trade crypto assets.
Knowledge of using blockchain tools like Metamask.
An exciting way to involve in the vibrant crypto community
Spells of Genesis – Playable Crypto Assets

This game made a splash. Blockchain here is only incorporated into the game process. SOG (Spells of Genesis) is like Crypto kitties where they help you win a battle in the Askian Valley rather than breed with one another.

SOG is a cell phone magic card game. The only dissimilarity is, you can store up your cards on the blockchain, for that true ownership is required and that is very important in the crypto world.

How it works?

You will require Bitcoin to utilize these cards and you can buy and sell them freely both inside and outside the app using the Book of Orbs. Bitcoin is the major and trendy blockchain, so you know your cards and transactions will be comparatively safe. However, congestion on the Bitcoin network could signify that fees and transaction times increase.

Benefits of playing Spells of Genesis

Unlike many other trading games, using the Bitcoin blockchain for games means

A totally transparent game economy.
Blockchain cards are visible to all who are playing the game.
Identities are not disclosed who owns them. This is the beauty of blockchain technology.
Beyond The Void-

Crypto kitties introduced tradable crypto-assets to us then Spells of Genesis introduced tradable blockchain cards, and now Beyond the Void is about to demonstrate us the power of full-on, crypto-powered in-game economy. The secret sauce here is that the in-game economy is base on a cryptocurrency token called Nexium. That means you really own your items. There is an open market for games and currency that exist outside of the game that is both harmless and transparent.

How It Works?

To get started, you’ll need to use an Ethereum wallet, such as Misk or Metamask, and fill it with some Ethereum. The game assets & currency can be liberally traded on the blockchain, but the developers have also made an online shop where you can buy new assets from the team or trade with other players.

Benefits Of Playing Beyond The Void

Beyond the Void will add to your token portfolio while leaving you the option to cash out if you want to move onto a new game.

Privateers Life

The developers of Privateers Life are striving to take the plan even further and create an in-game economy that truly mirrors a real-life one. It’s a place where goods have to be harvested, mined, or manufactured from the materials found in the game.

This adds a whole new dimension to the game. You can be a part of the production of goods in the Privateers Life economy and sell them for crypto-tokens worth real money.

How It Works?

While playing the game, you can buy things using Ludem tokens in-game from other players or from the premium store. However, the goods in the premium store need to be crafted from other players by collecting all of the materials and ingredients to make them. The developers take a cut of the items sold in the premium store, and also charge a tax on items sold on their “territory.” If you want to avoid this tax as an in-game merchant, you’ll have to buy your own island and really set yourself up.

Benefits Of Playing Privateers Life

Traditionally games had to crack down on the real-money economies that build up around popular multiplayer games. Games like this are taking an entirely diverse approach. As a player, you can easily start harvesting, crafting, mining, and foraging, to gross yourself that you can effortlessly and securely cash out on.


When it comes on to features, Worldopoly actually does have it all. Augmented reality, MMORPG, geo-positioning, world-building game play, DAG, and blockchain assets. Worldopoly unites this entire factor and creates an immersive multiplayer mobile phone game.

How It Works?

Worldopoly uses two platforms for its cryptocurrency economy, Ethereum and Byte ball. It utilizes Ethereum because it’s the trendy blockchain platform & many players are already comfortable using it. The second platform, Byte ball, is offered because of its advantages over Ethereum when it comes to transactions.

Benefits of Playing Worldopoly

For players Game needs to be easy, at least to get started. That’s why platforms with rising costs and congestion like Ethereum can fight back to become the platform of preference for games. Playing Worldopoly can bestow your exposure to additional practical cryptocurrency technologies, like DAG, and save some money in transaction fees while playing the game.

..Wrapping it up

Blockchain & cryptocurrency are taking the world by storm. They solve many core problems of the Internet in regards to payments, centralization, and security. But these new technologies require a new way of thinking for users.

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