Sun - The ultimate Source of Energy of all the living organisms on Earth!

Plants produce Food through photosynthesis from the light received from the Sun. Our entire Food Chain is depended upon the Suns' Energy, say
Herbivorous grazes on plants as food, while the Carnivorous animals prey on Herbivorous animals and omnivores animals live on both plants and animals. This Vitamin D from the sun is transferred from one organism to another through the diverse food chain.

In one research said, almost 70% of Indians lack Vitamin D due to the modern lifestyle and air conditioned longtime indoor working hours. Vitamin D plays a vital role in body growth, lack of essentials vitamin leads to various system disorders.

Health hazards of Vitamin D deficiency:
1. Lack of Vitamin D leads to weak and low-density Bones such as Osteoporosis.
2. Bow Legs - Rickets is a rare disease caused mostly in children.
3. Alopecia - Affects autoimmune which causes bald patches on the head and other areas of the body.
4. Tiredness, muscle & joint pain.
5. Affects tooth nerves.

Health Importance of Vitamin D:
1. Stimulates Hair Growth: If your body lacks enough vitamin D, you may experience excessive hair fall. Natural Vitamin from the Sunlight stimulates your system and strengthens the hair follicles to grow stronger.

|Sun Shine shines up your Hair

2. Improves EyeSight: Get rid of age-related degenerative eye problems like Uveitis, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts and improves the healing time of Cornea, increases tear secretion in eyes to overcome Dry eye condition.
3. Regulates Brain Function: Regular exposure to vitamin D aids in better brain growth in infants and regulates nervous system functions in old age. Memory problems like the ability to think and memory-related syndromes are associated with lower levels of vitamin D in the system.

|Loss of Memory is related to lack of Vitamin D levels

The only Vitamin our body synthesis due to hormone secretion when the sunlight falls on the skin is Vitamin D. Though there is no direct alternative to Sun's energy, Ansio Fresh the Top Online Grocery Store in Chennai gives you the list of Fruits and Vegetables that acts as a best alternative source to Vitamin D from the Sunlight.

Sometimes serious Vitamin D deficiency leads to Pneumonia & other lung-related health disorders.
Top 5 Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Vitamin D:

1. Milk: The rich source of Vitamin D and other essential minerals are present in Milk. Milk & homemade Yoghurt can fulfil 20% of the body's vitamin D needs.
2. Mushroom: An good alternative for protein needs for the non-meat eaters. Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D, Copper and essential B- complex minerals.
3. Oranges: You all know Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, but what you need to know is they are also a rich source of Calcium and Vitamin B. People who are allergic to Milk can include Fresh Orange Juice to their morning breakfast.
4. Country Chicken Eggs: Egg yolk from the chickens grown in free-range has essential minerals, Omega Fatty acids and vitamin D. People who are allergic to fish can eat chicken eggs. Note: Broiler Chicken eggs lack Vitamin D.
5. Multi Grains: Millets, Maize, Oats, Corn, Soya and other grains are always rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Consuming Sprouted Millets or millet porridge at least three meals a week will add up essential Vitamin D your body needs.

Sun is the FREE source to gain Vitamin D. Exposing at least 30% of your skin directly to the sunlight daily for 1 hour a day will help to boost your body's metabolism. Playing in sunlight, jogging/walking to the workplace will increase the body's exposure time to sunlight.
Indians are far more gifted than the countries in the Northern hemisphere, where the exposure to the sun is hard 3 months a year. So, Buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables from Ansio Fresh onlinegroceryShoppinginchennai for a happy and healthy life.

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