Over the years, the Indian formal shoe market has developed and expanded beyond anyone could imagine. In simple words, check the market and you will find at least 2 dozen different brands that market formal shoes. Each brand offering exceptional quality and style formal shoes. However, it is not possible to purchase a pair form each brand, but a suitable one or two from a single brand or different brand. Here are the famous brands in India that market formal shoes.

1. Bata

When it comes to formal shoes, Bata cannot be avoided, even if this brand is multinational, the formal shoes from this brand come at a reasonable price and they offer a quality that exceeds its price. Bata was the first brand in India to acquire an ISO 9001 certification and they are one of the largest footwear brands in terms of volume of production. Bata formal shoes are available for people of all age groups, they are commonly preferred by most middle-class men for its price and quality. The majority of formal shoe models from this brand is comfortable to wear.

2. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is an American brand that started its production using pigskin to make shoes for the US military. Today, it is one of the leading formal shoe brands in the world and even in India. When it comes to formal shoes, Hush Puppies is a famous brand in India. This brand is known to market formal shoes with thick yet lightweight soles. They are too comfortable to wear even for a comparatively long time. As of today, this brand is spread over almost 170 countries around the world.

3. Louis Philipe

Louis Philipe is a truly Indian brand that deals with footwear and also clothes. This brand was founded in the year 1989 and owned by the Aditya Birla Group. Unlike other brands, Louis Philipe markets formal shoes are designed to meet the latest Indian trend and demand. This brand is known to bring innovation in their shoes by making them bold and confident. Louis Philipe formal shoes are available for all age groups and at different price ranges.

4. Clarks

Clarks is a UK based international footwear brand that was founded by James Clark and Cyrus in 1825. It is one of the oldest and still functional brands in the world today. This brand came to India in 2020 and became famous within the least time as they become a competitor to most brands in India. Clarks offer formal shoes of a different class, quality, style, and look.

5. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a footwear and clothing brand that manufactures and markets a wide range of products. Formal shoes are just one of them, however, in India, Lee Copper is a famous brand. The formal shoes from this brand are known to be durable and stylish. Most people who have used Lee Cooper formal shoes are satisfied with the comfort, style, and durability it offers. As of today, Lee Cooper footwears and clothing are available in 70 different countries.

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