Here are five highly used essential oils that can improve your life and give you a pleasant scent, too.

Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca oil remains one of the best essential oils you can use for your skin. Dr. Axe recommends tea tree oil as the perfect skin treatment. Some of the properties of Melaleuca oil include:

• Deodorant.
• Good for skin health
• Household cleaning.
• Oral use.

It works excellently for people who have blemishes because it soothes the skin. Melaleuca oil is a better choice because it doesn’t have harsh skin effects. It won’t dry the skin, but it also won’t be too greasy for use, either. Melaleuca oil will help heal any skin issue you may have, protect against seasonal threats and keep your house sanitary and clean.


Dr. Axe also recommends peppermint for a plethora of uses. Some of the many benefits of using peppermint oil include:

• Joint and muscle pain relief.
• Intestinal discomfort relief.
• Gas relief.
• Fresher breath and enhances oral health.
• Stimulates safely and improves mental focus.
• Helps respiratory health.


Lavender remains potent oil with strong soothing capabilities. The essential oil of this dainty flowered plant has been used for generations as a perfume, flavoring, and its health qualities. Lavender is both calming and soothing to the mind and body. Use a few drops diluted in carrier oil, like fractional coconut oil, as a massage lotion for tired muscles. Diffuse a few drops in your bedroom to calm you and help you sleep.


The experts suggest high-quality lemon essential oil will perk up your mind and invigorate your day. Lemon oil is a non-toxic cleaner suitable and safe for use around children and pets. Many people find that using lemon oil around the house improves their mood, too. Or use it as one of the all-time favorite flavors in cooking.


Koala bears love this scented leaf and small wonder for all of its properties. According to essential oil experts, this essential oil has been used for centuries to sweeten breath and help with clear breathing in folks. Add only one drop to your lotion to perk up your skin. Or put eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle to freshen your house.

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