A close inspection into the curriculum of the best play school in Greater Noida West will show you that it is rarely all about academics. Sure, knowledge is important at every step of a student’s development but during the preschool stage, education must encompass a few priorities that go beyond the boundaries of textbooks. Children are more curious at this stage. Their attention span is also limited. Setting the priorities right can help schools to effectively focus on development rather than purely academics. Learning the alphabets and numbers are definitely required. But going out to play also has its contributions to preschool education. The following are the top 5 priorities that the best preschools maintain for their students.


  1. Social skill development

It is not odd for schools to focus on developing social skills above academics. All preschool students come into this new environment where almost everyone in the classroom is a stranger. Breaking out of the shell and mixing with new people is step one towards proper education. The students must now learn to accept instruction from a new teacher who is not one of their parents. They must learn to mingle with peers of a similar age group, exploring with them and learning from each other. Social skills form the foundation of preschool education. And this is why their development feature at number one at the best school in Noida Extension.


  1. Stimulating the brain

Imagine a typical playschool classroom. Can you visualise the walls with neutral colours and benches normally stacked with the blackboard in front? No. Playschool classrooms are colourful. They are filled with charts and posters and models that catch the eye of almost anyone. The organisation is such to stimulate the brain of young children and excite curiosity that almost always stay on the radar. Seeing a picture of a cow next to the letter “C” creates a whole lot of queries in a preschooler’s mind. He/she then asks questions, explores possibilities and tries to remember. Preschooling is hardly about information. Triggering the young minds is what is essential.


  1. Improving physical fitness

Preschool students do not learn anything if they are made to sit in one place the whole day. They need to move around frequently, spend their stored energy and play with things to learn the involved lessons. Good schools thus keep physical fitness and training as an essential part of the preschool curriculum. Without adequate movement, the students will become bored in a matter of minutes and not absorb any information handed out to them. Through sports, classroom activities and excursions, preschool students must be constantly kept on the move so that they can learn on the go.


  1. Application-oriented learning

This might not have been a priority for centuries but has become crucial in the modern world. Today’s preschool students are far smarter than what their grandfathers were. They can pick up complicated lessons if shown in the right way. Thus, application-oriented learning has become vital as it helps to connect education with the real world right from the very beginning. Counting can be taught by taking examples of shopping in the supermarket. 3D models can show geometric figures, again, taking examples of the real-world. Preschool curriculum must encompass application-oriented learning as the depth of knowledge created is irrefutable.


  1. Community awareness

Fortunately, students of today are more aware of climate change than the adults around them. They instigate change in the society which we continuously struggle to apply. Building community awareness is another crucial part of education and it must start at the preschool level. This is why the best convent school in Greater Noida West introduces preschool students to social topics that now matter going forward. Students learn through activities and skits and take the message home. When the right values are ingrained early, they become the students’ values. And they work to build a society that benefits all. Community awareness must feature as an educational priority. This completes childhood education.

As evident, when the above is strategically mixed with academics, the preschool curriculum not only becomes efficient but also effective. And this is the priority list that BGS Vijnatham follows to help their preschoolers learn and develop. BGS’s key differentiators are its step and learn strategy, world-class sports infrastructure, play dens, knowledge and tactical hubs, mind-stimulating learning spaces and so on. Through these, BGS Vijnatham builds the right education foundation among preschool students that paves the way for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. The mind of young students is like a blank page waiting to be written on. The words must be perfect to craft a great book.

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BGS Vijnatham builds the right education foundation among preschool students that paves the way for a better tomorrow and a brighter future.