As the digital world continues to evolve with emerging technologies, so does the field of data analytics. Digital platforms have opened new doors to leverage the power of digital footprints.

Wherein it's possible to track anything and everything, from your preferences, choices, purchases, likes, dislikes, investments, and much more. Many roles revolve around the field of data. Data analysis is one among them. An analyst leverages modern technology and experience to predict accurate outcomes.

Gone are the days when data was all about names and cell numbers. Today we know a lot more and can process millions of data in seconds.

It helps determine the most suited audience for a particular product or service. There are multiple data analytics tools available in the market space that can give you a quick result by processing data across different channels.

How To Choose The Right Data Analytics Tool

There are various third-party tools and companies that provide you with databases related to multiple segments. You can choose according to your target audience or the diameter of marketing campaigns.

Figuring out the right data analytics tools is the tricky part. However, we have outlined a few pointers that can nudge you in the right direction.

The primary process is to assess your business requirements and the purpose of the analytics tool.

Are you looking for an interactive interface that can be operated by non-skilled staff or a more sophisticated tool that needs a data scientist or analyst?

Some tools provide an interactive interface to process complex codes or SQL commands. At the same time, some are less technical and focus on point and click mechanism.

Top 5 Tools For Data Analysts

Microsoft Power BI
It is one of the top business intelligence platforms and supports multiple data formats. It allows the users to create visualizations, reports, and interactive dashboards and add convenience to operations.

It will enable you to group numerous reports and dashboards for representation or distribution purposes. The tool allows you to access information and dashboards through an app called Power BI. The app enables users to build automated models powered by sophisticated machine learning and integrates well with Azure machine learning.

2. Sprinkle Data Tool
Sprinkle empowers users with a business intelligence application that allows performs all the operation is the smallest possible frame of time.
It allows you to process data discovery, analyze multiple databases and generate reports without writing a single line of code. The application is convenient to navigate for less technical users. However, it is perfectly capable of processing complex analyses. It allows the analyst to focus on more crucial operations at hand.

3. Sisense
This analytics platform aims at both the analyst and the non-skilled users. It allows both businesses and data analysts to process and visualize the aggregate results. The application boasts an enormous collection of drag-and-drop tools that enable you to enjoy an interactive dashboard. It is powered with custom In chip technology that optimizes computation and leads to 100x faster results.

4. TIBCO Spotfire
This tool allows natural language search and has AI-powered insights. The sophisticated tool automatically highlights insights that can help the user. The AI helps uncover comprehensive visualization. It can publish reports to both desktop applications and mobile devices.

5. Thought spot
Thoughtspot enables users to explore data from multiple sources. Its AI system allows you to search data by natural language too. The Ai automatically joins tables from various data sources to deliver robust and accurate insights that contribute to decision-making.

You no longer need to favor the best odds or make a decision based on your intuition.

Data plays a vital role in the decision-making process of any enterprise or corporation. Robust data analytics tools can predict the outcomes of decisions based on the current market database and your company's results in the near future.

However, every analytics tool works exceptionally well when paired with a centralized data warehouse. It can make the entire process faster and easier.

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Soham Dutta is the marketing and communications manager at Sprinkle Data and a lead content producer at Crypto Bulls Club, a blog for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He regularly shares his views on Data, Analytics, Warehouse, and the blockchain.