1. Anthony Bourdain

He is an American Chef and an executive chief cook of Brasserie Les Halles in New York. His journey began 20 years ago when he was a simple dishwasher and happened to become a line cook right after. It was as if the wind was guiding him because he then became a sous chef and then finally a certified chef. He has also written a bunch of fiction and non-fiction books. Anthony had a unique take on the way he presented his love for food. He wrote the book "Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly" where he showcases his love for food. He has made guest appearances on cooking shows, helped in organizing them and has uncovered all mysteries of food.

2. Paul Bocuse

He is deemed as the “Father of Culinary Art” in France. He has been an icon in cooking for years and served as the ambassador of contemporary French cuisine. He is regarded as one of the most seasoned chefs collaborating with Nouvelle cuisine which isn’t really lavish. He was also a teacher and trained his students to be top of the line chefs globally. He earned the award for Chef of the Century and other leadership awards which add to his fabulous career in the culinary arts industry.

3. Gordon Ramsay

We have all heard of Gordon Ramsay. He is an iconic character in the culinary world because of his intense character and the fact that he is a high-profile chef. He has his own show by the name of Hell’s Kitchen and he is seen to be one of the leading judges in Masterchef USA. Ramsay is a British chef who goes out of his way to make sure that food is served perfectly and he has a brilliant talent for cooking up great dishes. He always wanted to be a footballer, but the path of Life took him to the cooking world instead. It happened when he got badly injured while playing football. He is the only chef in the UK who won 14 Michelin stars. His mentor was Marco Pierre White and he became as successful as him because of his passion and dedication to the cooking life.

4. Rudi Sodamin

Rudi Sodamin is one of the most decorated chefs out there in the world. He has won many awards during his lifetime. Some of them being the Silver Spoon Award from Food Arts Magazine, New York, September 1997. He also won the Best Cruise Line Master Chef awards from Porthole Cruise Magazine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 2010 for his work as a senior manager and culinary advisor to the Holland America Line, part of the Carnival Corporation Group. In 2012, he was honored with the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Michael Reinartz, the former co-founder and publisher of the Gault Millau restaurant guide to Germany and Austria, endowed Rudi Sodamin with the 2013 Meilleur Cuisinier award with three toques. Rudi was also awarded the Best Dining Experience 2014. Golden Cloche Award - Gastronomy Wien/ Chamber of Commerce. By now, Rudi has published lots of creative and amazing cookbooks that have changed the lives of the kitchen goers forever. There are cookbooks by him for all kinds of cuisines and they are vivid and creative and absolutely spectacular. He is an internationally respected food authority who is pioneering the culinary side of the world's oceans and is deemed as one of the hospitality industries most innovative and peripatetic chefs.

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