Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Indian divinity.According to hindu mythology,he is the eighth manifestation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu.Out of all Hindu deity,lord Krishna was one such ultimate ruler that had the power to attract anyone.Likewise,placing a Krishna Statue in your house is considered valuable & sacred. However, it is the right vastu arrangements pertaining to statue placement that attracts positivity in your home/office.So, here are some tips which you should follow while placing Krishna Statue at home.

What Does Lord Krishna Symbolize ?

Lord Krishna is so much a piece of the life of individuals that those who are into rigorous Krishna bhakti swears it as an unforgettable experience. Krishna is viewed as the symbol, a resurrection of Lord Vishnu like Lord Rama. The lessons of Shri Krishna from Bhagwad Gita are the basics you can put together your existence with respect to.

People have seen numerous Lord Krishna statues wearing different adornments. However, it is worth noting that each ornament has its meaning and characteristics.There is nothing nonsensical in Hinduism. Following is the essence of objects related to Lord Krishna.

-Shankh represents 5 vital elements of the universe viz earth, fire, air, water & aether.
-Chakra signifies Intelligence and is a symbol of mind.
-Kaumodaki Gada represents a symbol of strength
-Lotus is a symbol of purity
-Flute represents music which attracts everyone to his holy world
-Mor Pankh is a symbol of beauty, and it adds to the aura of Lord Krishna.

Top 4 Vastu Tips for placing Krishna Statue:


The rule of Vastu revolves around 5 vital elements encompassing this universe namely water, earth, air, sky & fire.However, each direction plays a significant role and defines a particular characteristics, which is crucial for bringing positivity to your home. Among all directions, East & North hold a prestigious position. The East means the first ray of light, which energizes the environment and north, signifies the magnetic pole of the earth that attracts positivity.


Lighting plays a crucial role during worshiping. Appropriate lighting in the south-east direction marks an auspicious sign for the home. It is believed to attract positivity & happiness. According to Vastu principles, one should place bright spotlights in the pooja room facing lord Krishna. It opens the path of success and career in one's life. Besides this, the ambience of pooja rooms should have more soothing colours like white, sky blue as they make the room brighter.


Lord Krishna statue is suggested to be placed in the northeast direction of the home facing east to west direction. Moreover, the height of the spot where the idol would be placed should not be too high from the ground level. You should always prefer a medium height spot where there is high visibility of the statue. However, it is crucial to know that one should never place the Hindu god statue in the south direction. Also,you should refrain from keeping it near a wall attached to the bathroom as It goes against the rules of Vastu and brings negativity to the home.


Getting ready and presenting food(prasadam) to the almighty depicts our dedication & gratitude towards them. It is a widespread belief that before having your first meal of the day, you should prepare something for the almighty.It represents your affection towards the deity. From the old stories, it is accepted that Lord Krishna enjoyed eating Makhan(butter). So,while performing the pooja,it's crucial that the almighty is offered a combination of misri (sweets) & some Makhan (Butter) as a bhog.It is auspicious to Use Chandan(Sandal) aromas and tilak while worshipping. Also, make sure you use clean utensils while cooking and wash your hands before you start.The best advice would be to have new sets of dinnerware uniquely for lord Krishna which should not be used by anyone else.


Krishna devotees have a belief that worshipping lord Krishna in any form is accepted to be an incredible & enchanting experience .Having a hindu god statue at your home would help you overcome challenges and issues encompassing your business or personal life. To conclude, following these Vastu tips correctly will surely bring positivity to your environment and would keep negative energies at bay, which would make tough times pass easily.

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