Having a lawn is about having natural beauty as your homely companion.

Lawns are actually great! They promise a vibrant richness in colour and offer a particularly comfortable environment whenever you look out or spend some time there.

We Aussies prefer lawns as an essential part of the domestic life. Stressing on this fact, it can further be told that they do so provided the multiple types of lawns they get as options to choose from.

A Variety of Lawns: A Lot of Options for Brand New Ones or Renovation

As a matter of fact, the Australian climate is the producer of a variety of vegetation making way for a number of different species of grasses to come into reality. Such a variety of grass easily and usually made its way into domestic and commercial lawns of the country. These tend to be really delicate at times and need constant support of maintenance offered through professional mowing in Wembley Downs. To be frank, something sophisticated like a lawn does need a bit of attention and providing that in the professional standard actually assists in its longevity.

Lawns are better and attractive for a domestic life, but they have also been popular in commercial zones both to promote a professional outlook and an environmental attachment with utility. Reading these facts might interest you in thinking to have a lawn of your own if you haven't had any.

Be it commercial or residential – enlighten yourself a little bit more on knowing about a few types of lawns popular in the preference of Aussies. It would ultimately assist you to achieve a lawn (or many) delivering factors you were looking for. Read on to find about them.

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1. Couch Lawns: Great in What You Call ‘Look and Feel'

The couch is one of the lawns giving you a stunning aesthetic quality. Apart from that, it is a fine leaf lawn, so you need not worry about sophistication as it is already there. The grass is softer but is durable in organic terms. Slight wear and tear is easily recovered by it along with a fast growth from infancy. Added to that, its benefits reach a culminating point to one's amazement as it is offered at a very low price.

2. Zoysia Grass: Tolerance and Beauty Guaranteed

Zoysia is one of the most famous grasses for lawn options and has been used widely in domestic areas as well as commercial and municipal zones. With wide grass blades and high tolerance against heat; low water conditions; drought; cold and many more, Zoysia grass has been one of the common choices for lawns too. Similar to Queensland Blue Couch, it needs frequent mowing operations.

3. Buffalo Grass: Colour and Support all Over the Year

Buffalo Grass is termed as an all-time favourite grass for Aussies. Lush green and durable, Buffalo grass promises a constant role in keeping the lawn as a mentionable part in homes or commercial areas. Apart from that, it is also superbly green offering a strong natural look. According to few of the staff offering professional mowing services at Karrinyup, this grass requires a bit of more mowing than the others. Different kinds of soft leaf buffalo grasses are available in today's market for those who want to try out a bit of a variety.

To Wrap Up

Grasses of a variety always promise a different experience in lawns. These tend to offer you alternative qualities too. You have to find out, which one of these traits can make you the happiest NATURALLY.

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The author has been working for three decades in professional services of mowing in Wembley Downs. He wrote this article to offer some knowledge on different grass types for lawns and how mowing in Karrinyup can help them.