Linen is made from a natural fabric of the flax plant, which mainly comes from Europe. Linens are one of the most durable fabrics because they're less subject to wear and tear than other bedding materials like cotton sheets or silk. Unlike sheets with jersey knit covers that will stretch out over time, linens retain their shape for years after being laundered. As a result, linen can be more versatile in terms of use-case scenarios as well: it's ideal for both summery climates due to its lightweight nature and winter countries because it doesn't conduct heat very easily.

When you buy linen sheets, it's a great idea to use fabric known for its temperature-regulating qualities. These breathable fabrics promote airflow and keep the person feeling relaxed and calm by providing moisture when their room reaches average temperatures. It also absorbs sweat from your skin if you're too hot or cold under the covers in bed. The best thing about this type of sheet? They are environmentally friendly. This infographic shares the top four reasons why you should buy linen sheets from linen suppliers in Manchester.

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