When people hear you want to buy a motorcycle they immediately think you're doing it to look cool, drive fast, or stand apart from the crowd. While this is all true, people often neglect that there are several other benefits of riding a motorcycle instead of your traditional sedan. Gas mileage, faster commutes, and overall lower costs to own all make motorcycles a perfect way to get around. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should switch to a motorcycle.

#1 MPG

The number one cost saving advantage of riding a motorcycle over driving a car is that you'll save a ton of money on gas. The average motorcycle will get close to 40 MPG, while super efficient models can get as much as 90 miles on a single gallon of gas. Even those flashy sport bikes will double the average MPG of most cars, let alone the huge savings you'll see over those driving trucks or large SUVs. Switching from a car to a motorcycle will cut your weekly fill-ups at the gas station to a fraction of their current costs.

#2 Short Commute Times

If your state allows driving between lanes, otherwise known as "lane splitting", you could potentially cut your trip time in half on a motorcycle versus driving a car. Motorcycles can fly through bumper to bumper rush hour traffic and have you at the office in minutes instead of hours. You'll notice increased agility and maneuverability while on a motorcycle that allows you to move around traffic instead of becoming stuck in the mob.

Finding parking is also much easier when you only need a small space for your bike. Instead of circling a packed lot hoping for an opening, you can tuck it in a corner other cars couldn't use.

#3 Lower Costs

Motorcycle owners not only enjoy lower initial purchase prices when buying a bike, even brand new motorcycles are around a third of the price of an economy car, but buying used will magnify those savings. Used motorcycles can start at less than $2,000 and usually no more than $10,000. Significantly cheaper than a truck or SUV, and that's just the price at the dealership.

Along with lower purchasing prices, motorcycle owners enjoy lower maintenance costs. Bikes use less oil, have smaller engines, and only use two tires instead of four. All of these features combined result in reduced cost of ownership.

#4 Freedom

Cost savings and benefits are clear when riding a motorcycle versus driving a car, but one of the main reasons to switch is the freedom you'll experience when riding. Being so close to the road with nothing trapping you in is a feeling like no other. The wind is not just in your face like in a convertible, you're now completely surrounded by the wide open road. For those not interested in cost savings, motorcycles are the perfect escape from the trappings of society, allowing you to enjoy your freedom.

Want to Make the Switch?

Switching to a motorcycle will show tons of savings to your bank account, but will also allow you to experience something those trapped in cars will never feel. The fun and freedom of riding, whether you're racing on a track or just cruising down a country road, is something unique to motorcycles. Before you rush out and get a bike, be sure to get proper training, and if you do get into an accident visit this website to learn about your legal options.

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