Landlords have a reputation of being difficult whenever it comes to handing over rental bonds; but do we really care why they seem mean every time it comes to releasing the bond amount? Under a vast majority of scenarios tenants are seen handing over properties in undesirable conditions. 

Cleanliness and maintenance of the property are two crucial aspects which tenants ought to consider while handing over the keys to the landlord. That’s how they can earn extra bonus points and receive the bond amount in full. Although a handful of tenants will take up DIY initiatives to clean the premise, a significant number of people will choose bond back cleaning services in Melbourne. However, our experts still recommend that tenants be wary of the bond cleaning errors, which can land them in trouble: 

Leaving the clean-up job for the last hour 

A final clean is all it takes to get back the bond amount. However if you push the matter to the last hour it’s likely to land you in trouble. Did you know last minute arrangements are a sure-fire way to miss out on dozens of cleaning jobs? Whether you will admit this or not but cleaning an entire house takes up a whole lot of hours. These clean up jobs range from large to minor chores. The larger cleaning jobs include removing scum from the bathroom and tidying up the garage and yard. With too many jobs to complete, waiting for the last hour may appear difficult. That’s why a bond cleaning company in Melbourne is the answer when you are looking for a final minute rescue. 

Forgetting to clean the outdoors 

The outdoor area includes everything, starting from the verandah, yard, garage, and court yard to the patio, pergolas and the balcony. If you want to get back your bond amount don’t look back. Instead just go ahead and tidy up the places. Even the lawn needs a final weed removal and mowing. The grassed areas need a retouch to look beautiful. Some landlords are so particular that they will even expect you to get the edges trimmed, the pools cleaned and the leaves removed from the lawn. 

Starting the clean-up process before just emptying up the property 

For a professional level of output on bond cleaning you will either need to hire a cleaning company in Melbourne or just take up the job on yourself in a responsible way. We will like you to especially know that successful bond cleaning is all about how you see things and manage each and every cleaning job seamlessly. If you want to make the clean-up job easier first remove the furniture and various other household items which have been blocking your way. After you have removed them, call professionals to clean up the area. Some areas get blocked and inaccessible due to the presence of furniture and appliances. This can make the work a lot more time consuming and ineffective. That’s why we will like you to remove them from your way. 

Bond cleaning should be your responsibility if you are a tenant who is all set to move out. Before handing over the property to the landlord and blaming them for being unscrupulous with you, just think if you have been true to yourself. Have you taken good care of the property before giving the keys to the owner? Always maintain a rental property so that you do not have to worry about getting a fraction of the bond amount you had deposited at the time of agreement. 

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the author runs a cleaning company in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on bond cleaning related matters.