Is your commercial property showing major signs of paint damage? Are paints peeling off the surface walls? If it’s been long since you have painted your commercial building, chances are high to confront telltale signs of paint damage. Knowing when to consider a repainting job is important to protect your commercial walls from further damage. 

Extreme weather conditions such as humidity, rain and moisture cause degradation of the exterior paint film and give you recurring troubles. Over time, you may likely come across paint discolouration or blisters in paint that not only gives an unsightly appearance to your commercial building but wrecks havoc on the structural integrity of your property.

If you notice any of the below signs of paint damage, don’t delay to opt for a repainting job.

Paint Discoloration

Fading paint is often a common issue encountered by 99% of business owners. It’s common for paint to undergo natural degradation over time which occurs mainly due to inferior paint used at the initial phase or improper techniques adopted by the contractor at the time of painting the property. If your paint film has accumulated heaps of dirt or you are coming across fading paint, it indicates your commercial building is exposed to damage and all you can do is opt for a repainting job to prevent further damage to your property. 

Mould Infestation

Excessive moisture in air leads to the formation of black, greyish or greenish patches at the corner or crevices of your commercial property. In most cases, these black spots and paint discolouration indicates signs of mould infestation. Wet weather or improper air circulation leads to mould growth on surface walls and cause blisters in paint. Besides affecting the health of your paint, mould with excessive moisture content can wreck havoc on the structural integrity of your property and give rise to potential health hazards. If you notice any traces of mould infestation, don’t delay to opt for commercial painting services in Sydney

Cracks in Paint

Longline cracks are yet another potential symptom of paint damage. Multiple line cracks in paint can wreck the structural integrity of your commercial building and expose your property to pest infestations, termites, bugs and leakage. If cracks are not addressed on time, it can further spread and give rise to the problem of peeling paint. Moreover, moisture, fungi and little critters make their way through these gaps and create a host of structural problems. To minimise structural damages to your commercial building, you can hire local commercial painting contractors who can rectify the issues and apply a fresh coat to your walls. 

Bubbling Paint

Over time and age, you may notice bubbles developing on paint film which indicates poor adhesion between paint and surface walls. This clearly indicates that initial paintwork was undertaken on a humid day when the paint film was directly exposed to sun rays and as a result, it has eventually loosened its adhesive power. Also, if your commercial building was painted on wet weather it can cause moisture to penetrate, thereby weakening its adhesive quality. Irrespective of the nature and type of problem, it’s always wise to seek assistance from experts offering painting service in Perth for guaranteed results. 

Major signs of paint damage in commercial walls should be addressed on time to keep the structural integrity of your property intact. If you are facing any one of the issues mentioned above, don’t delay to seek help from professional painting contractors for guaranteed results. 

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The author is one of the renowned commercial painters in Perth offering impeccable painting service to residential and commercial clients at a highly competitive price.