Driving can be exciting and adventurous only if you are a master in the subject. If you are fond of driving and dream of having your own driving license, you need to hone your skills and prepare yourself accordingly so that nothing can obstruct you from qualifying the driving test.

Driving test failure can prove to a big blow especially after putting in hours of effort. For beginners who are new to driving, it seems to be a nerve-wracking experience and they fall prey to common driving mistakes which in turn, holds them back from securing driving license.

With this in mind, we have come up with a few driving test faults so that you can be aware of the mistakes and take precautionary measures to avoid them in future.


  • Lack of Observatory Skills to Handle Junctions and Intersections

Among the top driving test failures, this is a common mistake which most examiners have reported. Before you appear for driving test, check how well you can handle junctions and intersections. To become a pro in handling turns, regular practise is a must as it hones your observatory skills and boost up your confidence. For learner drivers who tend to overlook this aspect, often end up failing the driving test.


  • Incorrect Change of Direction and Positioning of Mirrors

Most driving school in Liverpool focus on teaching students about correct positioning of mirrors so that it becomes easier to pass driving test without much struggle. Failing to check mirrors while changing direction is also a common fault by most of the beginners. When it comes to driving test, the first thing which examiners check for is whether the examinee is aware of checking mirrors before left or right turns, before diverting lanes or even before overtaking.


  • Lack of Control on Steering and Speed Limits

The key to successful completion of driving test is the control of steering. That is why instructors of driving school in Penrith put their best efforts to make students aware of how to control steering whilst maintaining average speed. While knowing to control a car with correct steering posture counts among one of the top things to look for during a driving test, there are other factors that examiners watch out for to ensure how well you are aware of speed limits.


  • Poor Response to Traffic Signs and Road Markings

If you are appearing for driving test and want to blow the mind of the examiner, you need to demonstrate your on-road skills and ability to react to different road markings. These primarily include lane markings, lines, stop signals at turns or interjections, pedestrian crossings, traffic conditions and parking road conditions. As there is always a probability to make mistake when it comes to road markings, examiners pay close attention to every detailing before issuing driving licence.


Bottom Line

Hope now you can put an end to the fear of failing driving test permanently by reading this blog. To nail the driving test like a pro, get in touch with a reputed driving school today!

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The author is running a driving school in Penrith for the past few decades and have earned recognition from students for operating the best driving school in Liverpool.