Roof painting is arguably important after a few years but it’s not essentially an amateur’s job. Painting metal roof surfaces require professional skills and in-depth knowledge but most homeowners who consider it to be a DIY job make the biggest blunder. Painting metal roof may look simple but practically speaking, it’s not so. Amateurs make inevitable mistakes that threaten the structural integrity of roof surfaces and make the job even more difficult and challenging. 

In this article, we will discuss top 4 disastrous roof painting blunders you should always avoid in order to keep the structural integrity of your property intact.

  • Using Leftover Paint

It’s a good habit to save money but when it comes to painting metal roof surfaces, it’s not at all a wise idea. The material used for constructing metal roof surfaces is completely different from the ones used for building the rest of the house and hence, using specialty paints is a must for getting the desired paint outcome. Unfortunately, majority of the homeowners skimp on applying specialty paints and use leftover paints on metal roofs in order to save a couple of bucks. Needless to say, they end up with peeling, cracking and blistering in paint early than the expected time.

  • Painting Over Uncleaned Walls

Prior to adding new paint coats, it’s always important to pressure clean walls to remove oil, grease, mould and mildews from the surface. Dirt and debris will prevent paint from adhering to the walls during roof painting in Melbourne and you may likely come across recurring signs of paint damage at a premature stage. Removing surface contaminants is a must to get flawless paint outcomes and homeowners who neglect pressure cleaning walls, end up with hairline cracks or peeling paint after a few months.

  • Underestimating Surface Prepping

A common tendency among amateurs is to skip surface prepping considering it to be time-consuming and laborious. Surface prepping is key to long-lasting paints and includes pressure cleaning, scraping, sanding and priming. Skipping any of the steps can result in premature paint failure and make your metal roof look dull and outdated. If you are repainting, make sure you clear off surface contaminants, scrape loose paint, sand out uneven ridges and prime walls to get long-lasting and flawless paint outcomes.

  • Incorrect Paint Application Techniques

Amateurs, who have little knowledge of painting metal roof surfaces, apply inappropriate proportion of paint and doing so leads to peeling paint and other similar problems. Hiring professional roof painting services in Melbourne can eliminate these worries and help in getting long-lasting paint outcomes. Make sure you apply quality primer to make new coats adhere to the surface and once it gets dry, start applying the next layers. Incorrect paint application can weaken the structural integrity of your property and make your time, effort and investment completely useless.

Last Words

Now that you are aware of the disastrous metal roof painting blunders, avoid making them at all costs to justify every dollar of your investment. If you find this post helpful, do share your valuable comments. We would love to hear from you!

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The author runs a company offering roof painting services in Melbourne for a couple of years and keep on educating readers about the benefits of hiring professional roof painting in Melbourne.