Digital marketing is more than necessary to spread the word about your business in the modern digital times. It applies to offline establishments as well. But small businesses are usually lean on the capital and digital marketing campaigns are slightly overwhelming for them. However, once again, with the entire world getting increasingly virtual with each passing day- you can’t deny the importance of online marketing for your business. But no worries, there are some low cost digital marketing hacks such as that will enable you to promote your business without shelling out a small fortune.

Focus on great content

Google loves powerful and fresh content. If you think hiring professional writers is beyond your budget, take up the penmanship yourself only. You will find several articles and resources online that can help you with SEO writing tips. Just go through them and also study blogs and sites of famous companies to brush up your writing skills. You don’t have to write embellished posts here. Rather, bet on simple words yet information-rich writing. Be careful of the presentation as well. Place yourself in your audience’s shoes and you will get some idea on what actually your niche wants to know.

Stress on video marketing

Humans are naturally drawn to moving objects or images. Thus, a promotional video will always be more influential than a promotional text. According to video companies dubai, while textual content is still necessary, video content is even more important today. Are you apprehensive of the high video production costs? Well, there is no need to hire a costly videographer to take the shots for you. You can yourself do it from your phone camera only. There are plenty of tutorials that teach how to capture amazing videos from a mere phone camera. Otherwise, we all have that one friend who is a hobbyist photographer & videographer. If you are not so confident about your recording skills, ask him/her. Friends don’t ask for payment- at the most they will nudge for a treat.

Stress on email marketing

Email marketing is one among the most powerful and economical strategies for effective digital marketing. There are various free email management services that will extend expert assistance to your email marketing campaigns at completely free of cost. From writing targeted promotional emails to maintaining email list- you will receive comprehensive assistance for everything. Your task will be to entice your audience with free offers and gifts to make them send their email. Once they do that, you will have to stay in regular touch with them with frequent mails and updates.

We prefer to do business with those we feel a connection with. Routine email marketing will enable you to establish that close connection with your audience.

Utilize social media to the fullest

Social media marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing in today’s increasingly “social” world. But don’t freak out- paid Facebook or Twitter ads are not the only way to market your brand on social media. There are some effective free hacks as well.

One of the pro social media marketing tips is to keep your niche engaged on social media. It costs nothing to create your business page on social media. After you create a page, you have to stay super-active on the networking sites. Be regular with posts, pictures and different engaging activities. You can also share links from your website blog on your social media page. Connect with potential customers through chats, comments and replies.

Once again- you have to be regular here. If you take 3 days to reply to a comment on your post, nothing is going to work.

The good news is there are some hosting sites that happily offer promo credits for social media ads and that’s quite a cool deal.

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Naren is a freelancer writer and blogger.