Among many other crime hotspots, warehouses are a prime target area for intruders to commit illicit activities and steal valuable inventories. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your staff, workplace and inventories safe from potential threats and therefore, deploying trained security personnel for warehouses is a must. Now, selecting the right security guard may be a tedious task, however, to ensure you place on the right personnel who can provide you with the best service; you should avoid making these common blunders.

Hiring Under qualified Guards

Security guards should possess the required academic qualification and training to perform various operations seamlessly. They should abide by a set of rules, standards and guidelines when offering security services in Sydney for warehouses to ensure the premises are safe from criminal activities, vandalism and employees can work with peace of mind. Deploying security personnel who are well-qualified can easily abide by the rules and offer seamless security services whereas under qualified guards will fail to do so and put your warehouse at the risk of theft, burglary and miscreant activities.

Hiring Security Guards Not Having Proper Licence

License is a valid certification that state security professionals have undergone necessary training and are apt to manage giant commercial facilities such as warehouses. Especially for armed security guards, having a proper license issued by higher authorities is a must to offer seamless services. Security personnel who don't have a license may be convicted or charged with an offence by authorities any time. So make sure you hire security guards in Sydney who are certified and licensed and don’t forget to check the expiry date of the same.

Deploying Security Guards Who Aren’t Trained

When it comes to warehouse security services, hiring guards with quick reflexes is a must. They should be able to take quick and instant decisions and respond to alarming situations with efficacy and intelligence. Whether it’s to catch a thief, handle an armed intruder or manage a dispute, you should ensure that the security officers can handle any situation with intellect and in the safest way possible to ensure zero damage to assets and employees. Trained security guards know the basic ammunition tactics, gun operating, self-defence whereas novice professionals lack these skills and fail to offer complete protection of your premises.

Hiring Inexperienced Security Personnel

Warehouse is a prime target location of burglars as it contains high-value machinery and assets. Therefore, inexperienced and novice guards may not be able to protect the premises and assets from outside threats, unlike trained and experienced security personnel. Professional security officers having years of industry experience, skills and expertise can deal with a range of scenarios and offer the best protection to your premises. Make sure you don't make the mistake of hiring inexperienced guards and compare all options before placing trust in a service provider. 

Final Words

Strengthening warehouse security is a must to protect both the employees and your premises from potential threats. Keep the above pointers in mind to avoid making costly mistakes to your premises.

Author's Bio: 

The author has been providing security services in Sydney for the past few years and owns a team of professional security guards who are trained, certified and licensed to meet the varied requirements of residential and commercial security needs.