One of the best effects you can have on a girl is to get her laughing. And there are specific tips and tricks you can use to get a girl laughing and having lots of fun with you.

It’s often said that humor is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. But if you’re a guy who doesn’t seem to have a very good sense of humor, this may appear like a big disadvantage for you.

Well, it’s not necessarily a big disadvantage; because a sense of humor is basically a communication skill and it can be developed willingly. You can learn ways to make a girl laugh and improve the social interactions you have with girls in general.

With this in mind, here are the three most powerful ways to make a girl laugh that I’ve discovered, both in my social interactions and my work as a communication coach.

1. Make Unusual Associations

Most of the time, humor is created by surprise. Thus, thinking in new, unpredictable and unusual ways, is the very source of good humor. Then, expressing those thoughts is what gets people laughing.

Imagine for example that persons who are vegetarians aren’t so because they love animals, but because they hate plants. That is a new, surprising way of looking at it; and it’s funny.

How can you apply this knowledge? You can apply it by consciously trying to look at things from fresh and unusual perspectives, and expressing what you realize by doing so. You will quickly become the creative and funny person.

2. Be spontaneous

The fact is that most people could be very funny, if they would stop censoring themselves. This is because most of us tend to cut down the things we say and to edit ourselves too much in conversation.

We want to be polite, to say the proper things and to never risk offending anyone. Thus, we fall into the trap of over-thinking before talking. As a result, nearly everything we say is boring and lacks an edge, and we rarely amuse people.

If you want to make a girl laugh, start doing the exact opposite. Say whatever comes into your head, without censoring yourself. Be spontaneous whenever you’re making conversation, and I guarantee you that you’ll get a lot more laughs. Spontaneity has this power.

3. Be self-amusing

Often, we mistakenly think that the way to make a girl laugh is by focusing on saying things she’ll find funny. That’s not it at all. What gets a girl laughing more than anything else is being self-amusing.

This means that we focus on amusing ourselves and having a good time, not on amusing her. Look at things in fresh ways and be spontaneous not because you’ll get a girl to laugh, but because it entertains you.

Interestingly enough, as you do this, you relax more and feel more confident. And as you relax more, your brain becomes more relaxed and your creativity boosts. Thus, you gradually become even funnier during a conversation, and it’s even easier to make a girl laugh.

Ultimately, humor is more than a skill, it is also an attitude. I believe the most effective ways to make a girl laugh function because they emerge from a humorous attitude. It’s an attitude related to confidence and optimism. This is the attitude you can and you want to learn.

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Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach specializing in social success. If you enjoyed this article, also learn how to start a conversation and discover how to make people like you from two first-class articles on his People Skills Decoded blog.