Communication is a basic necessity for all of us; whether we talk about the professional communication needed by the businesses, organizations or enterprises or we talk about the people to people communication, in all segments, we must have a reliable omnichannel communication system. In the past few years, VoIP based communication solutions have been taking over the traditional telecom system. The companies demand to get the VoIP based communication and collaboration systems and so does the residential users, tourists and other types of users. The reason behind the massive popularity of VoIP based communication solution is definitely its cost effectiveness.

To build a reliable and robust unified communication solution, one can use any one of the following:

• Asterisk development service
• FreeSWITCH development service
• WebRTC development service
• Kamailio development service
• OpenSIPs development service

All five are different types of VoIP development technologies. Each has its own pros and limitations. I will share more details about the top 3 most widely used VoIP development technologies which are listed below:

• Asterisk development
• FreeSWITCH development
• WebRTC development

These 3 VoIP development technologies are very popular because they provide a general purpose platform to build best VoIP solutions to support unified communication and collaboration systems.

Asterisk Development

Fundamentally, it is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution and it can be used to build any type of general purpose or specific VoIP solution. The key to successful Asterisk development is using the experienced Asterisk expert or Asterisk development service Provider Company. Some most common Asterisk development for business communication solution building is as below:

• IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution
• Click2call solution
• IP PBX solution
• Call center Solution
• Voice broadcasting solution
• Missed call solution

FreeSWITCH Development

It is also a PBX system with more advanced support for high quality video in comparison to Asterisk. Also, it supports more concurrent call traffic than Asterisk. The FreeSWITCH Development can be used to develop all types of communication systems that can be developed with the Asterisk development. Moreover, it is good to build the following types of enterprise grade communication systems:

• Conferencing solution
• Class 4 softswitch solution
• Class 5 softswitch solution
• Webcasting solution

WebRTC Development

WebRTC development is really useful to develop browser to browser communication solutions. It supports real-time communication solution development and any business can use the WebRTC based communication system to run one to one calling or multiparty conferencing solution with audio, video and chat support. Some of the most common WebRTC solution development used by many companies is listed below:

• WebRTC client solution
• Web conferencing solution
• Web2click solution


All three of these technologies can be used for VoIP development to build robust, reliable and scalable communication solutions for businesses and residential users. It is strongly recommended to take the help of experts in the process of choosing the best technology to meet the nature of the communication system. Each of the mentioned VoIP development can be used for any type of communication solution development, but one can be a better fit in any type of application building compared to others. This knowledge is only available to the experts who work day in, day out with these technologies. Thus, it is very important to use the best VoIP development company or an expert who not only help with the VoIP solution development, but also with other types of services to assure your business get the best and competitive solution.

Author's Bio: 

Mehul S works in a VoIP company that offers Asterisk Development, FreeSWITCH development, WebRTC Solution development and similar services in other VoIP technologies.