The Asterisk is a pioneer in the VoIP industry. There are many businesses which commenced, grown and sustained on this technology. The Asterisk development has been in existence since 1999 and it will be in use for many upcoming years. The Asterisk development can be used to build various unified communication solutions which can be used by the businesses or end users. In this article, we will talk about the top 3 business solutions that can be built on top of Asterisk to create a complete unified communication environment for the business.

Call Center Solution

Another solution that can benefit businesses and built on top of Asterisk is call center solution. The call center solution is a feature rich system that can be used by any business or enterprise to run inbound, outbound and blended call campaigns. The feature rich call center solution can improve the operations of lead generation, lead conversion and customer care. Any company can get benefited with the feature rich call center solution.

IP PBX System

The IP PBX solution is indeed a very useful system for any business. It provides a complete telecommunication solution to the business. However, the communication features offered by the IP PBX system are far better and advanced than the legacy telecom system. Furthermore, the IP PBX solution also provides many other benefits such as,

• It provides cheaper international and local calling
• It provides a free extension to extension calling
• It reduces expense on hardware significantly
• It makes management of telecom infrastructure easy to manage
• It keeps logs of all calls with details
• And more

Conferencing Solution

The Asterisk development can be used to build a reliable conferencing solution. The conferencing system can support audio, video, and web conferencing. Also, it can support some interesting features such as, instant messaging, file share, screen share, mute / un-mute, etc. The conferencing solution can provide many benefits to the business such as,

• It removes collaboration barriers
• It provides a platform for remote team collaboration
• It provides a feature rich platform to run webcast, webinars and live streaming
• It helps in creating marketing material
•It reduces conferencing costs
• And more

There are many more solutions that can be built with the Asterisk development other than these three which are listed below:

• IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution
• Click to call system
• Voice logger software
• Missed call solution
• Class 4 softswitch
• Class 5 softswitch
• Custom calling system
• And more

The Asterisk development helps business to get a cost effective communication and collaboration solution. Also, the solutions developed with the customer asterisk development service are white label and comes with the source code. This will give complete ownership of the solution and code to dominate the business if you want to use unified communication solution to run a business.

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