When someone asks you to work out in order to stay healthy its common for you to murmur the words “it’s easier said than done”. Simply because you have too many chores to attend and are usually left with no time to visit the gym. In actuality you can however enjoy staying fit while doing your chores. How? Simple have your own gym set up at your home.

A home gym is the most convenient option when you want to achieve a fit body while balancing office work and household chores. You do not need to walk an extra mile to reach a gym nearby. Instead you can quickly work out at the convenience of your home. However in order to achieve that inviting feel  so that every day you spontaneously work it out at the gym, you will need to go beyond thinking only about the workout instruments.

Yes! Imagine the colours that will potentially increase the look and feel of your home gymnasium.

Shades That Will Enliven the Home Gym

A Red Hot Scheme

Paint your gym red. It’s the best way to motivate yourself towards regular exercise. As you go through the colour palette, give the crimson colour a try. When decorating your home gym, red is most suitable as it looks attractive and drives attention. Whether it’s on a Sunday morning or simply any other weekday when you have to put up with household chores and office work together, the bright red colour of the walls will inspire you to work it out at the end of the day.

Stay Calm With Green

A yoga room should especially be painted green. Green invites a relaxing energy and it can go best with white. Green is known to have a calming effect on the human mind. To give it an even calmer appearance, try out the lighter versions of green and add some creamy whites if possible. Green takes you to your roots. It speaks of earth and nature and has a grounding energy. Contact interior house painters in Perth and ask for the best versions of green that will suit your work-out space. Double up the effect by installing tall mirrors. The mirrors will add a sense of spaciousness.

Bold and Energetic Orange

Orange is a bright shade to work on. If you have added a weight room to the gymnasium, colour the walls with a strong and powerful shade like orange. The bold tone goes best for a weight-lifting space. In order to drive a sense of commitment orange is the most suitable shade.  Ask your house painting services expert in Perth to show you various versions of orange. You can get a combination of orange and yellow to strengthen the impact.

Are you minimalist by nature? You will then love to try out white. The neutral shade known for generating a calming experience can change the tone of the space. White walls add a relaxing feel.

If you are looking forward to creating your own happy space at the gym, get functional shades for the walls that will motivate you towards your daily dose of fitness.

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The author runs a painting services company in Perth is also an avid blogger who often shares useful information on home and commercial painting.