Whether you are thinking to change your existing call center software with an advanced contact center solution which supports all different channels of communication or you are looking for a brand new call center solution for your startup BPO, you will need both hardware and software. Generally, people buy the call center software from one vendor and then get hardware from some other vendor. However, the best approach is going for the turnkey call center solution.

When you pay for the turnkey contact center or call center solution, you will get both call center software and hardware as a single suite. It means the same vendor will provide both software and hardware and there are many benefits of doing the same. Let me share the top 3 of them:

1. Hassle free setup and installation

If the vendors of call center software solution and hardware are different, sometimes it happens that the hardware doesn’t provide required performance or just don’t go well at all due to compatibility issues. Then, you need to do the whole cycle of replacing, re-installing and retesting. All these are time and money consuming. The turnkey call center solution comes with the software and compatible hardware only. So there are no issues related to compatibility. Thus, the installation and setup will be fast and hassle free.

2. Cost effective rates

When you buy both hardware and software from the same vendor, you will get a really good discount and you can ask for the same if not offered in the first place. Not only at time of purchase of turnkey call center solution, but also in future, if you need anything such as, call center CRM integration service or an additional add-on in the call center solution, you will get it at special rates.

3. Value over money

The first benefit which gives the best value over money in case of buying a turnkey contact center solution is that you will save a lot of time by eliminating the process of finding two different vendors, negotiation process and then maintenance process. You will have a single vendor who knows your requirements, your taste and your business upside down to give the best services and solutions. Also, as you buy both call center software and hardware, you put yourself on the top list of that vendor by being a big account. This will let you leverage benefits of being a premium customer. These benefits vary from vendor to vendor, but some of the most common benefits are, special discount on services, quick support or free support services and more.


The turnkey call center solution eliminates all concerns related to the management of different vendors. Also, as a single vendor knows and manages your business needs, it will reduce your involvement in the system maintenance. Everything can be taken care of by the vendor while you take care of your business. This will make all operations for now and future streamlined.

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Mehul S writes on call center solution and related services such as, VICIDial customization, call center CRM integration, remote agent, and more.