Are you an avid trekking enthusiast? Well, if you are one of those, who want to spend their saving on a lifetime experience of trekking, then Nepal is surely the first one in your bucket list. The emergence of some trekking agencies has made it easier for people coming from all around the world to explore the trenching trek routes. However, if you are planning to take up the challenge being too overconfident, you are required to give it a second thought. Trekking in Nepal can turn out to be quite dangerous, no matter how much experience you have gathered over the years. Not only because the routes of Nepal are challenging compared to other ways, but you will also fail to explore a lot of unknown paths on your way in the absence of professional guidance.

Two options are available for you to choose the right guide. Either you have to wait till you reach Nepal and search for the local guides over there or make a booking through a reliable trekking agency that will provide you with the guide. If you are still in doubt to finally decide whether to take the help of a guide or not, in that case, you must go through the following and find out the extensive benefits you may get by taking the help of a guide.

Exploring unknown routes

If you follow the basic route, you may remain left out from the experience of discovering the real Nepal. Be it the cultural differences or the language diversities; you will be able to explore every bit of the journey as the guide will take you to the unknown routes and not-so-famous villages where the natural beauty awaits you. You may also be able to find the glimpse of perfect sunrise or sunset through the journey that everyone else is yet to get.

No worry for accommodation

Whether you hire a local guide or make the booking through an agency, you can get rid of all your problems regarding accommodation. You can also avail the facility of booking the hotels in advance to avoid any further hassles. The accommodations they will arrange are located in the fantastic locations around the mountain where you can expect both luxury and comfort. Therefore, if you want to relax for a few days in between the trekking, the hotels are ready to welcome you.

Safe Navigation

One of the biggest fears of the trekkers, especially when they have gone for Everest base camp trek as a solo explorer, is to get lost midway. The guide, however, knows every single route just like the lines on their palm. They will help you to navigate properly and move fast. Moreover, they help you to move forward following a particular itinerary so that you learn proper time management and complete your journey without any hassle.

The best part of hiring a guide is they will never let your morale down, rather constantly encourage you to keep moving forward and unleash the abundance of Nepal in a single trek. Their motivation will let you keep your spirit high and take up the challenges of trekking with optimum confidence.

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The author has an experience of going for the trekking in Nepal and possesses an adequate information about the Everest base camp trek.