The best way to spend a holiday is travelling, who doesn’t love to go on adventure travelling helps you to learn new things and collect beautiful memories, so here are the top 3 must-visit places during vacation.

Paris is the capital of France and is well known for the fashion and culture when we say Paris the first thing to flash our mind is the marvellous Eiffel Tower and Paris is also called as the “city of love”. Paris is such a beautiful location there is no place for a dull moment. The best time to visit Paris is during summer and spring, the city lights up differently at the time of Christmas if you are a person who travels every year for new experience then Paris should definitely be in your bucket list.

London is the capital of England it is a charming city and what people love more about the city is the modern vibe which you will feel once you visit the city. London eye is the must place to visit when you are in London it is an iconic Ferris wheel through which you can see a beautiful view of the city. If you are a Potter head, London has warner bro studio for you, National gallery as a phenomenal collection of paintings. The best time to visit London is during March to May, London is a city worth to visit.

Maldives is a small island in south Asia, it is a tropical paradise and if you are a beach person this is the best choice for you. Maldives is known for the stunning beaches, water sports and not to forget the beautiful sparkling white sands, the best time to visit the Maldives is during December to April it is better to avoid rainy seasons in Maldives.

This is the best 3 destinations to spend your vacation, ensure that you visit the place at the appropriate season so that you don’t miss out the fun. Do not carry too much unnecessary stuff in the bag make it light. Most important thing is to carry the foreign currency respective to the Country you are travelling, invest on Forex Cards where you can load foreign currency and swipe them in the outlet and make your trip hassle-free and safe they are convenient to carry. Orient Exchange offers the best rate for Foreign Currency and card compared to other online money changers.

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