Quality Assurance starts from the very first stage of software development and experienced QA has to be actively involved in each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle. Taking QA services from a third party service provider would be a great decision in many senses. However, you have to make sure that you choose a right partner to take care of testing and QA part of your software and products. To assure the QA company selected by you is the best partner, please make sure to avoid common mistakes made by many. To help you with the process of choosing the best QA Company, here are the top 3 common mistakes you must avoid.

1. Avoid Choosing Cheap QA Services

There is a huge difference between cost-effective and cheap services. There are many top QA companies that offer the best QA services at affordable rates. In fact, there are some Quality Assurance Service Providers that offer custom QA services based on the client’s budget. You can always take benefit of these custom QA services packages. However, be careful from cheap QA services. Each great thing has its own cost and cheap services often come with consequences. Generally, cheap QA service providers put less experienced QA engineers for your project which may not have required expertise to give reliable Quality Assurance services. Thus, it won’t give required ROI and results.

2. Avoid Choosing QA Company with Time Zone Difference

QA and Development team need to go hand in hand. The software developers need to have detailed explanations about the issues and concerns raised by the QA team to fix it in an expected manner. As you can sense, this requires constant and regular coordination between QA and the software development team. Choosing a QA company working in different time zone may have roadblocks in communication. Yes, there are some QA Companies that provide scheduled calls as and when needed. Still, think about a situation when there is an urgent issue your QA team wants to discuss with the development team or a situation when the developer has some concern which has to be resolved to finish the development of the module. In such situations which are more likely to occur during software development, both, QA and Software developer needs real-time communication, which is quite difficult if you have chosen a QA company operating in absolutely different time zone than the time zone of your development team. Thus, always choose a QA company working in the same time zone of your software development team.

3. Avoid Choosing Small QA Companies

The small QA companies often lack required expertise and resources to give the best QA services. Of course, exceptions are there, but a majority of small QA companies don’t have experienced manpower in required size. Also, they don’t have all tools and devices because of the expensive nature of QA tools. In such situation, it is always a good idea to choose a QA company having a big team and well-established infrastructure.

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