Call center solution and CRM system are used by many industry verticals in their business or call center. Some companies use these two solutions as separate solutions. In this case the agents need to switch back and forth between these two solutions. However, with invent of the call center CRM integration service, many companies and call centers have leveraged many benefits. They have reduced the need of the switching or signing in into two different solutions. Within a single sign on, they can access features of both mentioned solutions. If you are in the market or business which uses the call center software and CRM system, then it would be great to get the call center CRM integration service. If you already have this integration, congratulations as you have taken a wise decision for your business. In both cases, it is clear that you are in this highly competitive industry and to bypass the competition or to gain a competitive edge, it is necessary to know the market and latest trends related to it. In this article, I will share about the top 3 most popular call center CRM integration used in the industry:

VICIDial vTiger Integration

This type of call center CRM integration is on the top position. As VICIDial: Call Center Software and vTiger: CRM System, both are open source solutions, there are many companies and call centers which use these two solutions. Thus, the VICIDial vTiger Integration service is very much in demand. The seamless integration between these two solutions makes the process of call centers and customer care centers seamless, fast and effective.

Custom Call Center Solution vTiger Integration

In the industry, there are many business owners, which prefer to use a proprietary call center solution. However, the vTiger is still most widely used CRM solution in the industry. Thus, in the list of top in-demand call center CRM integration services, the integration of the custom call center software with the vTiger CRM system is at the second position.

VICIDial Zoho Integration

After vTiger, Zoho is one of the most widely used CRM systems in the world and the popularity of VICIDial is known to all of us. Thus, the demand of VICIDial Zoho Integration is at the third position in the industry of call center CRM integration.


In a nutshell, the most commonly used call center solutions are the VICIDial and various third party call center solutions. On the other hand, the most popular CRM solutions are vTiger and Zoho. As we all know, the features of the solutions make it more popular. The integration of these top call center solutions and CRM systems builds a complete solution to lead the customer care and sales operations in the call centers and companies. The call center CRM integration trends often give required hints of transformations and adoptions in the organizations, companies and enterprises. Make sure to take advantage of these trends in your favor.

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Mehul works in a company that offers call center solution and related services such as, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, call center social media integration, etc.