3PL logistics services can take over the routine responsibilities including movement, packing, storage and dispose of the expired goods if they have an intelligent and well-built system in place. The companies involved in these activities pay special attention to the security of storage premise. They also have a well-coordinated and GPS-enabled fleet of vehicles that ensure the seamless movement of goods. In addition, they employ the specialized storage solutions that enable them to store the materials of unique kinds too. Let’s take a look at the systems they have that impart these companies such valuable features.

A. Transport management

Logistics is unimaginable without the transportation facility. In fact, it is the primary role of 3rd party logistics services; that is why, the name – isn’t it? So, the transport management is the most crucial department of a 3Pl service. It is characterized by the presence of:

  • Most advanced transport carriers that can be tracked on a real time basis
  • A fleet that can offer both the dedicated and shared containers
  • Different modes of transport like road vehicles, trains, and even air cargo
  • Completely self-sustained networking system that enables easier movement of goods by tying up with the other incumbents of the industry too
  • The 3pl companies, because of their efficient operations and supply management support, can offer the best support for seamless movement of raw materials and goods and offer cost-effective logistics solutions.

    B. Technology management

    No business is easy to run without the use of technology; even third-party logistics is no exception! The technology management feature has introduced the much-needed disruption in the logistics industry that has made businesses to rethink their supply chain management partnerships. This feature has managed to bring more quality to the 3pl service features because of the cutting edge in the preciseness of information it can offer. The other important advantages served by the technology management are:

  • Detailed and error-free documentation management: Use of ERPs in document management offers a bird’s eye view of the events and processes to the authorized entities of the client company. The company can take a look at the oldest records in a few clicks only. The human error is almost eliminated with the help of barcodes and other mechanized systems of maintaining records.
  • High quality warehouse management: The companies need a reliable solution to conceive the plans and devise the production policies. Warehouse management giving important graphical presentations of the data and in a fully responsive nature can speed up the decision-making process and make it more inclusive.
  • Retailer management: The era belongs to flexible order size fulfilment. The retailer management, in such case, becomes a very important feature. Companies can make better contacts and involve into deeper engagements making the customer service a class apart eventually.
  • C. Operations management

    3PL companies have become the real action site of companies these days. The companies hand over full command of the goods and materials handling affairs to these partners and concentrate more on the business planning part. The operations management solution provided by the 3pl companies bring in the values like:

  • Production planning
  • Returns processing
  • Dispatch planning
  • Order and reorder planning
  • Clearing and forwarding support, and others.
  • A successful business model can become possible to achieve if the 3pl company associated with has the most responsive and sustainable ecosystem to carry out the responsibilities assigned. The above features help these companies do their job most efficiently.

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