In the recent times, competition has grown tremendously within businesses, with every business trying to get a foothold in the online market and create a larger customer base with the help of innovative tactics and marketing strategies. For a business owner trying to make it big and go ahead of their competition, it is essential to make use of the best available resources and create the best results out of the same. Getting a higher amount of leads and spreading the word about your company’s products and services should be the first priority that you should have in a market that is so engrossed in competition. One of the best ways by which PR and marketing of your company can be boosted is the technique of writing and distributing great quality press releases. Press releases are so effective owing to the reason that they allow you to come in contact with journalists and also provide you instant exposure in front of a large customer base, both of which are beneficial for the success of your business. Although, writing a press release might seem like the optimal solution for creating success for your company, finding a third party service provider that is highly efficient in the distribution and handling of your press releases is quite a tough job. The demand for press release services is soaring in the present market and there are many companies that have popped up owing to this huge demand. This makes the choice of selecting the best service provider a very tough job. Moreover, if you fail to select the best service provider amidst the many that have popped up, you risk lagging behind your competitors as they take advantage of the most efficient press release distribution services and seize the market right out of your hands. This article aims to provide you with a vivid description of the top 3 press release distribution services, which are available in the market at the moment.

The reason for selecting the best press release distribution services

Press release distribution enables your company to move ahead in the market by being able to secure instant exposure, increase the sales potential of your products and services and also by enabling you to boost the performance of other marketing strategies that you might have put in place. Moreover, press release distribution has the ability to reach journalists and create a credible image about your company in front of them, so that they are convinced to cover news and articles regarding your company in the future. The reason that you need to secure the services of the best press release distribution services is the fact that the best is always the most efficient in the business that they conduct. There are a lot of aspects that are part of the world of press release distribution and it is important to keep all of them in check. The best press release distribution service will have adequate knowledge and expertise to deal with all such aspects and provide you with the most comprehensive press release distribution service. Network, credibility, the scope of exposure, big media outlets, SEO, etc. are some of the benefits that are conferred to you for having selected the best press release distribution service. This article lists the top 3 press release distribution services that you can choose at this moment in the industry.

#1 Best Press Release Distribution Service: Linking News

Linking News is undoubtedly the best press release distribution service that is available in the market at the moment. Having been in the game of press release distribution for as long as they have been, they are well endowed with all the necessary qualities that are pre-requisites of the best in the business. They have a network that is worthy of praise with talented professionals being part of every level of working. The huge network of Linking News consists of as many as 10000+ media outlets, 1000+ social media networks and 30000+ journalists that are spread throughout the world. The global exposure of Linking News is further enriched by their prominence in the Asian region, with as many as 2000+ Chinese media outlets being part of their huge network. Linking News also provides services of SEO and helps you compose the best press releases with the help of their free formats and examples that can be easily downloaded from their official website. The eminent network of Linking News is worthy of further accolades, owing to big brand names in the media industry that is part of it. This includes names like ABC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, Reuters, MSNBC, etc. Linking News also has this innovative feature known as the White Label Press Release Distribution Service. The White Label service provides you with the feature of opting for complete privacy while getting your press releases distributed by Linking News. Privacy is very important when it comes to marketing and PR strategies of a company and Linking News understands that. Therefore they have provided this innovative service which promises to not publish your press releases on Linking News’s official website and further promises that the press releases that get distributed by them remain completely unbranded so that there could be no connections made between your company and the services that you had hired from Linking News. It is also the perfect solution for marketing, SEO and PR agencies that could help press releases of their clients get distributed with their own private labels. Linking News goes beyond just press release distribution, but rather allows you to expand your business by creating a strong foundation for your marketing and PR department, allowing you to reach a large number of people and receive the benefits of your products or services.

#2 Best Press Release Distribution Service: Globe Newswire
Globe Newswire comes second when you talk about the best press release distribution services in the industry. Globe Newswire is known for one of the largest networks for distribution in the entire world when it comes to press release distribution. The usually specialize in the distribution of corporate press releases, multimedia content and financial disclosures in front of the general public as well as the media. If you are on the search for the best press release distribution service in the industry, Globe Newswire is a must have amongst your list of favorites. The best quality of Globe Newswire is that they form a very close relationship with their clients and help them at every step of their press release distribution journey. Being aware of all the intricacies that surround the field of press release distribution, they are well equipped to handle any situation. They have a dedicated team of experts that are always focused on providing you with the best ideas and solutions in the form of an elaborate guideline, which if implemented in your press release distribution strategy, your company will be able to reach new heights in the field of business that you are in. Globe Newswire has received a tremendous amount of exposure and accolades in recent years, with their already impressive portfolio being further polished with the addition of digital media services and public relations solutions. Globe Newswire has amalgamated the use of infographics, multimedia, video, audio, images as well as live streaming in the press release services that they provide, thereby offering you a comprehensive package that is sure to become a delight for your marketing and PR needs. The app from Globe Newswire is also revolutionary as it allows you to remain up to date with all the developments that are taking place in the business world, while also allowing you the scope to keep track of your competitors or other budding companies, thereby allowing you the foresight of improving your own departments and being at par with all the developments that are happening all around you. It is a press release distribution service that must always remain inside your radar.

#3 Best Press Release Distribution Service: PR Newswire
Based in Chicago, Illinois, with as many as 35 offices spread over 18 countries PR Newswire is one of the leading press release distribution services, that are especially well suited for marketing and public relations professionals. PR Newswire helps you strategically place news with the help of their huge network consisting of as many as 3000 newsrooms, in front of the specific audience that you desire. Intermingling multimedia with the press release distribution services that they provide, PR Newswire has been able to create an innovative way of creating new content. It is very easy and quick to get your press releases distributed by PR Newswire, and if your company has a significant budget for public relations, this company is undoubtedly the best choice for your press release distribution needs. Moreover, PR Newswire has a team of very talented experts that consult with you in order to understand the exact type of press release distribution service that you are in need of and then provide you with the most comprehensive solutions to take care of those needs. Worldwide distribution over social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have enabled PR Newswire to support the stories of big organizations and provide them with a global audience.

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