Homeschooling your child is the new trend that has emerged due to the spread of COVID -19 across the globe. The pandemic has forced countries to close their educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities so they are able to control the number of cases that are increasing day by day.

People are asked to work from home and most of the countries are facing complete lockdown. Markets, stores and businesses are closed as the government has shared directives regarding maintain a social distance from everyone. It is only possible if such measures like closure of educational institutions are taken.

Majority schools have assigned their students online tasks. They are required to complete all the tasks assigned. Parents are offering their children help and assistance as most of them already bought the essential homeschool supplies when the closure of school was announced. However, there are parents who are not that confident about teaching their child. Therefore, they can have a look at the top 20 homeschool blogs for 2020 to get an idea regarding how they should go about it. It includes the following:

  1. Simple Homeschool

The simple homeschool blog takes in to account different factors that might of some importance to the parents who are new to the concept of homeschooling. The main goal of the blog is to boost the confidence of the parents and to make them believe that they can achieve anything.

  1. Confessions of a Homeschooler

It cannot be easier to depict what being a homeschooler is like till someone experiences it themselves. The blog on confessions of a homeschooler can help people determine all types of challenges they are going to face once they step into this world. It can also help them in making a list of all homeschool supplies.

  1. Homeschool Creations

Being a homeschooler is not easy as teaching is not the only thing that one has to do. There is various fun activities involved as well and therefore one need to have all the essential arts and craft supplies to carry them out. They have all the essential information like homeschool curriculum, homeschool planner, homeschool printables etc.

  1. I can teach my Child

It is very important to boost the confidence of parents who are willing to teach their child on their own. I can teach my child, blog is designed solely for this purpose. It shares fun features and activities with parents that can make their homeschooling journey a memorable experience. The resources can be accessed as they share the links with the parents.

  1. Homeschool by Reddit

Homeschool by Reddit not only explains the way homeschooling should be done but it also points out the common mistakes that parents end up doing. They share useful advice lie getting bulk homeschool supplies rather than buying the quantity that is needed. It is quite cheap that way.

  1. 123 Homeschool 4 Me

123 Homeschool 4 Me blog is for everyone who is looking for reinforcement worksheets and printables for different classes. They have got you covered.

  1. Art Projects for Kids

The blog Art Projects for kids brings forward unique art projects for kids. They have a list of art and craft supplies that can be bought by the parents if they wish to participate in all learning experiences.

  1. Free Homeschool Deals

If someone is looking for blogs that helps explain the concept of homeschooling in a limited cost then this is for them. Free Homeschool deals, goal is to focus on providing the most useful homeschool curriculum, resources, worksheets etc.

  1. The Home School Mom

The Home School Mom blog is to teach the homeschooling mothers the art of handling their children. A lot of unique learning experiences are shared that can offer help to mothers in the time of need.

  1. The Home Scholar Blog

The Home Scholar blog shares a lot of tops and tricks for homeschooling moms.

  1. Homeschool Magazine

To all the mothers in the United States of America, this Homeschool Magazine blog is the best you can get. It has all the important homeschool areas covered, which includes, informative articles, worksheets, resources, printables etc.

  1. Living Life and Learning

It is very important to live a balanced life due to which the blog on living life and learning can be useful. It teaches people how they can easily manage homeschooling along with the everyday challenges that life throws at them.

  1. Homeschooling Moms & Dads

If you are looking for a blog that can combine the religious teachings along with concept of homeschooling then this is the right one for you. The blog focuses on promoting the idea that God can be honored through the nurturing of your family, cultivating and inspiring the mind and soul of every family member.

  1. The Relaxed Homeschool

The relaxed homeschool blog is surely going to keep you relaxed in the most challenging phase of your life.

  1. Bookshark

Bookshark blogs deals not only in providing homeschool curriculum but it also have a well-defined literature based curriculum for people belonging to different age groups. The literature is divided into fiction and nonfiction group. It is fully planned which makes it easier for the parents to follow.

  1. Raising Lifelong Learners

The goal of learning is to create responsible citizens of society in future. Therefore, raising lifelong learners is all about helping the families to grow together.

  1. Homeschool Launch

The homeschool launch has planned curriculum for all age groups. It can used during any stage of life because the curriculum is carefully planned that allows generalized approach to be adopted.

  1. Rahmah Muslim Homeschool

Many parents living abroad wishes to inculcate religious teachings in their child. Rahmah Muslim Homeschool blog is for such parents who wish to teach their child about Quran and Sunnah.

  1. My Little Poppies

My little poppies is a really helpful blog about a homeschooler mother who homeschooled her three beautiful children.

  1. A teaching mommy

A teaching mommy blog is to help mothers teach their child by providing them with helpful resources one by one.

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