Are you on a search to find the top best game development companies in India, then you are on the right platform? To find the best game development companies among the top best is something of a real struggle considering budget and Mobile App Game Development cost. For some years, India has been doing exceptionally well by developing phenomenal games, and people also appreciate these games for their expectations. The Indian government has banned almost all Chinese applications by promoting the app made by Indian developing companies.

Here is the list of top15 Mobile Gaming Companies in India:

The NineHertz

The NineHertz is the leading mobile application and web development firm. It delivers quality products by identifying risks and opportunities. It came into being in 2008, since then it has been creating apps for different brands all over the world. They have built smartphone applications in various niches like video streaming mobile app, financial app, e-commerce app, gaming applications, etc. The company's headquarters is in Jaipur, with offices in the USA, Dubai, Australia, and the UK. Rahul Kumawat is the director and co-founder of The NineHertz.

Games: GinRummy, Hearts, Go Guess Pokemon, Bubble Shooter, etc.

Services: Android App development, open-source development,iPhone app, etc.


RV Technologies private limited is a new aged gaming company. It has its specialties in game designing, game development,2D/3D designing, digital art. Headquarters in Mohali, RV technologies have a dedicated marketing spirit which makes them different from others based on its growth.

Games: Space Shooter, 3D Strike off, Thruway, etc

Services: RV Technologies provide services like iOS game development, console game development, PC game development, digital art, 2D/3D animations.


Superbike game is a government registered software development company. It delivers games and apps for mobile platforms as well as PC games. Their main motive is to provide high-quality games and customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Delhi NCR, this game development company has 15+ studios all across the world.

Games: Paintball, catchy basketball, treasury match, etc.

Services: it provides services like 3D modeling and animation, creative services, web application development.


99 games came into existence in 2009, as soon as the company came into the gaming industry, it gave good competition to its competitors. It has developed more than 16 games. They have also received various rewards and recognition for their excellent performance. Headquartered in Karnataka, this mobile development company truly deserves a place in India and across the globe.

Games: Star Chef, Sultan: the game and many more

Services: Game designing and animation services.


Another reputed name in the gaming list of the game developing companies. They have created brands and games which lasted for years. They have been consistent in their work, which is why the company attracts many investors to itself. Headquarters is in Pune; they have delivered many international award-winning games that millions of customers love.

Games: Dead Among Us, Dance party.

Services: Game testing, unity 3D game development, 3D modeling, and animation.


CreatioSoft is founded in 2009. It is one of the growing game development companies in India. It develops user-friendly and high-quality game services. They work with a team of 50 professionals. The founders of CreatioSoft are Ankit Agarwal and Rishabh Agarwal. Headquartered in Noida, the company has developed games for Android, iOS,iPad, and Windows platforms in various niches. CreatioSoft generates total revenue of $<1M.

Games: Bingo, Night Surfers, Catch the Bell, etc.

Services: Poker game development, 8 Ball Pool, 3D social game development


Apar games started its journey in May 2007. They develop games for PCs, consoles, Android, and iOS. It won several titles across the globe with a clear vision, innovation, and commitment. Within a few years, it already contributed to over more than 50+ titles across the globe. Headquartered in Mumbai, the founder of the company is Laxmi Khanolkar. It generates a revenue of $2M.

Games: Scribbled arena, Crime Mystery.

Services: Porting casual games online, creating original 2D/3D games, social game development, and art services.


GSN games came live in 2014, and it makes the top casino games for social and mobile platforms -Facebook,iPhone, Android, etc. The first big success for GSN games was Bingo Bash, which quickly became the No.1 Bingo in the world. Headquartered in Bengaluru, GSN games run under the ownership of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It has a total revenue of $10M.

Games: Bingo Bash, WorldWinner, and many more.

Services: Cash games, Hourly Bingo Jackpot, Casino games, Poker games, Quickplay, and Arcade games.


Founded in 2008, Hashcube technologies is the fastest growing social game company. Their 'Sudoku Quest' is amongst the most popular games on Facebook and has been played by millions of people. It has a team of 21 people, and it generates revenue of over $1.2M. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company offers multiplayer social puzzle games for mobile users. The founders of the company are Ramprasad Rajendran and Deepan Chakravarthy.

Games: Sudoku Quest, Gummy Pop.

Services: Puzzle and adventure games, DOT games, etc.


The company started in the year 2000. The founders of the company are Anant Swarup and Govind Swarup. The company has focused on serving e-gaming sectors. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company has a team of 250+ staff members with an operating revenue range of INR 1 Cr- 100Cr.

Games: Trip Trap Troll, Diamond Fortune.

Services: Game arts, engine development, testing.


Started in the year 2011, the company offers social games like Rummy, Don FaceOff. It mainly focuses on the South Asian Market. They develop all kinds of games like single-player, multiplayer, and turn by turn player. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the founder of Mango games is Sanjeev Kumar. They generate a total turnover of <$5K.

Games: Mumbai Mobsters, Teen Patti, and many more.

Services: game development and game testing.


Synqua started in May 2008. It is a high-quality mobile development studio. The games are available on Java, Android, and Blackberry platforms. They have released 60+ games that have been downloaded 30 million times. Headquartered in Mumbai, Synqua games dreams of building superior quality casual mobile games.

Games: SnowBall, Rescue Monster, Tap Baseball.

Services: Game design services, game development, game testing services.


Zapak Digital is the largest growing company. It came into the market in 2006, promoted by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group's subsidiary company RELIANCE BIG ENTERTAINMENT. It provides free online games, including sports, racing cricket, and more. Headquartered in Mumbai, Zapak Digital Limited had revenue of $3M.

Games: Super Boxing, Speedway Racing.

Services: 3D Modelling and Animation


Spiel started in 2006, and they are one of the official developers for Sony PSP andPS2 platforms. Headquartered in Mumbai, the founder of Spiel Studio is Mohit Sureka.

Games: Aqua Jam, Traffic Master.

Services: Brick games, Galaxy Run games, etc.


Started in the year 2004, Iron code is an independent game developer engaged in crafting unique and enjoyable experiences. They have developed games for windows, desktop, Mac, and several other platforms. Headquartered in Noida, Iron code has its development engine, and they deal with third-party clients.

Games: Football, Last Man Standing, etc.

Services: Unity 3D game development,2D/3D Art.


Designing a great game is very hard and requires the right amount of knowledge. Though it is easy to build, it requires hard work, passion, and expertise for gaming.

Hoping you find this list worth your time and answer all your queries for mobile game development companies.

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