Himachal Pradesh is the “fruit bowl of India” and one of the highly visited states in the nation. Located in the northwestern part of the mighty Himalayas, this place indeed offers some great views which you would cherish for a lifetime. This place has got some of the best trekking trails in the country and in this article, we would talk about 13 best trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Khajjiar

Located at a distance of 17 km from Chamba and 20 km from Dalhousie, this place is called the “Switzerland of India" for a reason. The place offers mesmerizing views amidst a dense forest that has a floating island and a temple with a golden spine. You can book the best of Himachal Pradesh tours at the best price but do not forget to include this destination to the list.

Trek level - Moderate to easy

Best time to visit - During summers, between March and June

2. Dainkund Peak

When searching for tour packages for Himachal Pradesh, do not at all miss out on Dainkund Peak. Located at a distance of 17 km from Dalhousie, this is the highest peak in the area and as a result, one can enjoy the full view of the valley standing here. The wind passing from here when meets the trees make a musical sound and thus this place is also called singing hills.

Trek level - One has to trek around 3 km in which the first km is very steep but safe

Best time to visit - Being the highest peak, it receives the highest snowfall in the winters

3. Triund Hill

Located at around 13 km from Dharamshala, this beautiful place provides one of the best and shortest trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh. You can surely include this in your best holiday packages for Himachal hill stations. Trekking to the top of the hill, one can find a Devi Mandir from where you would get an amazing view.

Trek level - Moderate to easy

Best time to visit - May to March and September to December

4. Great Himalayan National Park

Located at around 75 km from Kullu, this place is a UNESCO world heritage site. One can find endless varieties of flora and fauna coming here. Apart from trekking, one can also enjoy other adventurous activities like rock climbing here.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - April to June and September to October

5. Kasol

Situated at 38 km from Kullu, this is a small yet beautiful village near the Parvati Valley which is attracting many tourists now. This place also offers river rafting. The place offers multiple trekking trails which can be completed in a day or two. This is one of the most demanded destinations in the tour packages to Himachal Pradesh.

Trek level - Moderate to easy

Best time to visit - March to May

6. Kheer Ganga

When you book your next holiday packages for Himachal Pradesh do not forget to include Kheer Ganga on the list. Located at around 11 km from Barsheni, one has to trek for two days to come here. The trek is very pleasant as it offers some amazing views. There is no electricity in the place, and it gets its light from solar energy.

Trek level - Moderate to easy

Best time to visit - Between May and November

7. Tirthan Valley

This beautiful place is located at a distance of 70 km distance from Kullu. The place has numerous trekking trails and is equipped with many villages by the bank of Tirthan River. The place also offers many other adventurous sports.

Trek level - Moderate to hard

Best time to visit - From May to October

8. Serolsar Lake

If you are going to book Himachal Pradesh packages at the best price, then ask your travel agent to arrange a trip to the Serolsar Lake. This is an absolutely mesmerizing place in terms of scenic beauty and is located at a distance of 5 km from Jalori Pass. There is a popular belief that the water in this lake bears medicinal properties. To reach here you would need to trek from Jalori pass and it takes around 2hours to reach the destination.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - During the summer season

9. Jogini Waterfalls

One of the best waterfalls that Himachal Pradesh tourism can offer is Jogini waterfalls. At a distance of 7.5 km from the Manali Bus Stand, this waterfall is around 150 feet tall with multiple levels. The waterfall is sacred to the people living in the villages nearby and you would need to take a gentle walk of around an hour to reach the base of this fall.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - This is a very easy trek and hence you can come here at any time of the year, but summers are really very pleasant!

10. Kareri Lake

Located 68 km off Shimla, this place is quite famous for its skiing activities as well. The place is surrounded by mighty Himalayan ranges and hence offers exceptional views. During the winter season, when snow covers up the place, it becomes an ideal destination for skiing. You would get accommodations here but can set up tents as well for an adventurous experience.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - Any time of the year

11. Hampta Pass

No trip to Himachal is complete without coming for a trek here. The trek is of 26 km and can be done in 6 days. The place offers some of the most amazing views that one can get. During the winters, the snow adds more beauty to this place.

Trek level - Moderate

Best time to visit - May to June and August to September

12. Malana Village

This place is away from all the developments city people are used to, but the beauty of this place is spell-bounding.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - Between July and September

13. Tosh Valley

This is a short trek of 45 minutes, but the beauty of this place is something that you would cherish for a lifetime.

Trek level - Easy

Best time to visit - In summers, between March and May

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