This is surprising but true that more than 50 % of the E-commerce start-ups fail and Amazon holds more than 40 % sales in the internet market. So, if you wanted to establish yourself as a successful E-commerce hub then you should certainly avoid these mistakes discussed through the article.

Top 12 Mistake - eCommerce website

Never take any mistake as a failure but they are the learning opportunities that are helpful in business success. Let us discuss on each of the mistakes one by one try not to repeat them again in future.

1). Unique Shopping Experience
You should never waste your efforts and resources into trying something unique that is not popular among users. The unique platform must have a direct impact on selling of your brand otherwise it would be merely a waste of time.

The best idea is to opt for familiar shopping experience where users can browse different products and services in s hassle-free manner. Try friendly e-commerce platforms like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, or Shopify that are common among web users. Sometimes, an attempt to unique shopping experience may spoil your brand image completely.

2). Reinventing the Design
You should always choose the trustworthy design for your e-commerce website. If there is something new and unique then don’t try it alone unless you don’t have a qualified experienced web designer. There are a plenty of theme-based templates to differentiate your brand from the crowd. Most importantly, these themes are already well tested and approved by leading marketers. So, you are strongly recommended to opt for modern templates instead of reinventing the wheel.

3). Duplicate content
Take an example, if you added 200 products to your website and description for all of them is merely the same. In this case, it would not generate any traffic for your website but it will be declared as spam because of duplicate content. The only solution is to hire a professional content writer to write unique content and post the same on your website.

4). Focus on growth, not profitability
Most businesses focus on growth instead of gaining profitability. But this is not the right approach otherwise business will get liquidated soon instead of growing. The primary goal for every start-up business should be profitability and you should prioritize it even before scaling your business products or services.

5). Less Responsive design
I had seen a plenty of websites that are not completely mobile-friendly. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone, so it is necessary to make your website responsive that goes great with every operating system. Test your website on different platforms one by one to make sure how it looks and what customizations can be made for an attractive or appealing web design. Based on my experiences, most of the start-ups looks fine on mobile phones but they are not able to submit an order perfectly.

6). Not sure of Target Audience
Customers need a reason to shop form your website either it is quality, free shipping, fast delivery, refund schemes, exchange process, lower costs, or other special schemes or offers etc. The first step for an e-commerce website should be the deep analysis of target audiences, their values, interests, location etc. A solid analysis is the biggest reason for higher conversion rates like never before.

7). Technical SEO Errors
Large E-commerce websites are more prone to SEO errors than any other domain. These errors are the biggest reason why e-commerce websites are not able to gain traffic when compared to their competitors. The best solution is opting for technical SEO discipline and work with digital market marketing within your budget.

8). Logo is missing
A Logo is an important step that speaks about your brand. You should not miss logo designing for your brand at any cost. The Logo is a face for your brand that makes the shopping experience memorable for the users.

9). Shopping Cart is Complicated
It should take a minimum of steps to set up an account and order for products. Also, the checkout process should be a breeze. The unnecessary fields or texts can annoy users and he would not be back to your website in future.

10). About page is skipped out
Most of the brands skip the about page because they think it does not mater during Google crawling and indexing process. This is not true because customers are curious to know about you, your authenticity and other analytics. So, ‘About’ page should be designed well with proper information and stats that may attract the visitors.

11). Customer services are not impressive
Creating a satisfactory customer base is not easy but necessary step to promote your business growth. This is the reason why every e-commerce platform should focus on impressive customer services that could deliver a memorable experience. Every customer should feel important and listen to her feedback and improve the next time when he buys products from your website.

12). Fake Images
This is a big concern where poor resolution images are added for the products. This is not a best practice but every image should be real, genuine, and clear. This step may destruct or attract users depends on your efforts.


The best way to achieve something is to focus on practices how to do something. If you wanted to gain a competitive advantage over others then learn from the mistakes and promise not to commit these mistakes again in future. Instead of focusing on others mistake, first, you should learn from your own and improve your current e-commerce web design. We wish you luck for a successful e-commerce website implementation.

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