Cloud based ERP software is increasingly becoming popular in different organisations and professional companies. Here are 12 cloud ERP vendors that satisfy a variety of ERP needs.
We have recently covered what the top four ERP vendors in terms of their services - SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel - are doing with cloud ERP software. But companies such as Aarav Solutions, NetSuite, Epicor and Financial Force - which are among the pioneers of cloud-based ERP - are also highly active in the market.
ERP in the cloud has been gaining momentum as companies look for ways to reduce the upfront costs of ERP systems, speed up deployment times and make it easier to customize software for their individual needs. Unlike traditional ERP systems, which are installed on servers and hardware located on a company's premises, cloud-based ERP is installed on third-party servers and software and delivered via a cloud computing model.
Short List of Cloud ERP Vendors
Let's look at what 12 cloud ERP vendors are offering:
1. Aarav Solutions
2. NetSuite
3. Epicor
4. FinancialForce
5. Acumatica
6. Plex
7. Rootstock
8. Kenandy
9. Aptean
10. Unit4
11. Ramco
12. Workday

Aarav Solutions:
Aarav Solutions offer ERP solutions with business process management that allows an organization to use a system comprising of multiple integrated applications to manage the business and automate back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.
NetSuite unifies CRM, e-commerce, inventory and order management into one cloud ERP software suite. More than 30,000 organizations use it worldwide, giving credence to its claim to be one of the best cloud ERP product. Unlike late-comers to cloud ERP like SAP and Oracle, it was built for the cloud from the start and incorporates real-time analytics.
Epicor ERP can be deployed in a multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud, or on premise, but the architecture employs the same code base regardless of how a company decides to use it. Recent enhancements include expanded country-specific functionality and better compliance capabilities. It is also finding its way into organizations, at times, as a second tier of ERP.
FinancialForce's software uses the Salesforce App Cloud. Its suite includes financial management, professional services automation and human capital management (HCM). The latest release of its financial management application permits tailoring of accounts data entry, 360-degree customer views and collaboration features, built-in intercompany reconciliation and automated elimination entries.

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