It is obvious that an attractive design will always grab the user’s intention, but the mobile app design and development is not an easy task. With this modern competitive market, it is so difficult to grab and hold a position and build identity with good UX design. It isn’t always possible that all the websites get traffic from the search engines. Similarly, there are so many mobile applications that don’t grab the user’s attention. A poorly designed app doesn’t get a second chance to prove itself among 3.9 million apps. Hence you need a good knowledge about how to boost the user app experience to get better results in the mobile app industry. User design and user experience are the two major components that you must consider to get better results.

Most of the people see UX as an interface and visual design. Research and testing are the core parts of the UX discipline. UX designers must do continuous research about the innovative ideas, latest trends and independent research. Here we will see some common UX mistakes that should be avoid while developing mobile apps.

Common UX Design Mistakes To Avoid In App Development–
1. Following The Competitors Completely-
A fruitful business specialty attracts many interested people to start a business. However, it doesn’t imply that successful competitors should be followed intently. You must think to make a brand unique and different from competitors. If your app is not giving anything new to targeted customers, you are not giving them a reason to buy from you. So instead of following competitors, learn from them. Build innovative and new with important features that end users will like.

2. Considering UX Design As A One-Time Task-
Most of you may think that once the UX design of an app is finalized, it shouldn’t be changed ever. No one can predict anything about the app until it has been launched successfully and used by a targeted audience. UX design is about how the users will interact with the app. To enhance the experience, you must listen to the user reviews, think about their likes and dislikes and make changes in the application’s UX with time. It will be a best practice to first launch a minimum viable product to a set of users and get it tested. The user response from MVP will indicate the success of the app.

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3. Incorrect And Unreliable Design Methods-
Design section plays an important role in mobile apps development. Incorrectly chosen app design method is a reason for an app’s bad performance. It is difficult for users to access poorly designed methods through apps. It has been observed that 94% of the users uninstall the app within few days just because they don’t understand their design. So you must choose a design that is simple and easy to understand for users.

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