Laravel is the most popular framework for development with a huge community support. After the release of laravel 8, this PHP framework will continue to bring new and improved features with every version. If you are thinking of using laravel for your next project, then you must know the improved features of laravel 8. So, here we’ll see the new features of laravel 8. But before getting into the details, let us discuss why you should choose Laravel over other frameworks.

Reasons To Choose Laravel For Development Over Other Frameworks-
1. Security-
Security is a critical factor which needs more attention than other aspects of web apps. Around there, a Laravel development agency uses Laravel and delivers a seamless and impenetrable level of security.

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2. Environment-
Laravel provides an interactive environment for project development. Hence programmers can easily handle their tasks. Also it streamlines the complex and longer tasks, and simplifies them reasonably.

3. Tools Of Learning-
Laravel is best suited framework for web projects because it can offer advanced learning sources, practice sessions and Laracasts. This framework provides tutorials and free tutorials through which developers can solve most challenging problems through coding.

Features Of Laravel 8-
1. New Landing Page-
Laravel 8 brings with it a new landing for new installation. Laravel creators redesigned and built it from scratch using TailwindCSS. Accordingly, designers can choose between light and dark modes. Also, by default, it can extend links to community sites and SaaS products.

2. Laravel Jetstream-
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