Vue.js is Javascript open-source front-end building platform to design single-page application. Vue.js developers can use a single file component instance to build rich applications. You can combine the codes with Vue.js for better performance. Vue.js frameworks offers advantages over architectures such as React and Angular because of its lightweight nature and unique framework design principles. Here we’ve curated some of the evolving vue.js best practices. As Vue.js is becoming more and more favourable, these best practices will help you to develop an effortless web app.

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Top 11 Best Practices For Vue.js Development-
1. Use Data Property On Component-
This is an important Vue.js best practice. You should use data property on a component as a function that returns an object instead of data property as a simple object. When the value of data is object, it’s shared across all instances of component.

data: {
title: ”
If you want to use title property from different places of component and somewhere you have changed the value of it, it will be reflected at all places of the component because you are using an object and each instance of component references the same data object, changing the title from one portion will also change the title of every other portion.

Use data property as a function so that each part of component gets a different instance of data property.

data: function () {
return {
title: ”
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