Today market is loaded with so much unhealthy snacks. Some of these are responsible to increase calories and others are called junk foods. Here in this article we will discuss the ideas to make you master of health.

Worst Snack Cheese- some of the cheese are in ready to eat form and tastes very delicious but you will surprise to get the news a dice of cheese contains about 50 calories and comes from that fat content. Today so many company gives you option of eating low fat cheese so you should opt that.

Worst Snack Dry fruit- Dry fruits are very appetizing and preservatives done important role for that. So, if you are eating almonds and pistas and other dry fruits daily to think they are good then you are wrong as you are compromising with your health.

Worst Snack Soup- soup is healthy if prepared in healthy way but today market has variety if soups that are made with preservatives and the nutritional value of these soups are near to zero. So, prepare soups at home with fresh veggies.

Canned Fruits- canned fruits have additional amount of sugar to make them sweet as they work like preservatives. But these fruits have high amount of calories. If you want to have fruits then in place of eating canned items eat seasonal fresh fruits.

Pickles- Pickles have high amount of sodium and additional oil for enhancing taste and also to preserve it. Pickles should be eaten just for taste and not taken in high amount.

Applesauce- to prepare the applesauce, apples is treated with high corn syrup, that added so many calories to the snack and that is why it should be avoided as much as you can or should be taken in very less amount just for taste.

Potato Chips- Fried potato chips have high calorie content that makes them rich in fat. Also, baked chips should be eaten because of their lesser calories. Also, they have less salt too. These things can affect the weight and put bad effects over health if eaten on regular basis. So, maintain distance from these kinds of dirty snacks.

Popcorn- Popcorn which is prepared in heated sand is healthy but today so many flavors of popcorns like butter or cheese are available in the market that makes them high in calories. So, avoid eating these cheesy popcorns on daily basis.

Crackers- crackers have high amount of fat. They have carbs and salt in excess amount so that drag the snack in unhealthy snacks category. Today so many brands assured you to provide low fat crackers so you can have them but occasionally.

Namkeens- these namkeens are spicy and crispy high in fats and put direct effects over your health. Even in some cases Trans fats are present liberally and so snacks become harmful. They also contain high salts so consume them after taking a quick look over label.

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