The Top dogs of the $1 trillion a year industry - Information publishing industry -2011

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Many of you might know by know that I have been making money online through information publication since 2008 and have build an online Business Empire from zero to +20,000 a month. And through my journey I came across this 10 website/blogs that where very crucial in building to be where it is today. These 10 websites/blogs have Inspired and motivated me a lot to not give up every time when things get tough. This website/blogs are making history in the internet world. Rich in content, creating online Product trends and surely making money or lets say "fortunes" for their founders. Some of this websites /blogs are worth more than million dollars and of course others are on the highway riding to worth millions of dollars.

Before you start throwing comments and judgement, wait, let me tell you that this list is only based on online information publication and nothing else, the rate is from the scale of 1 (high) to 10 (low) and I used Alexa for traffic ranking. So, If one day you also want to own your online business empire or you want to grow your online business and enjoy the Internet lifestyle, all you have to do is follow these websites/blogs, join their mailing list, study their model and implement everything you've learned from them. ENJOY!!!

Name :
Description : The most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Network.
Founder : David Riklan
Content Rate : 1
Category : Self Improvement
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,916
Inbound Links : 4,803
Website link :

Name :
Description : Best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking His blog from zero to over $40000 per month in 2 years
Founder : John Chow
Content Rate : 2
Category : Making Money Online
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,826
Inbound Links : 3,448
Website link :

Name :
Description : Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Selling Information Online, Blogging and Personal Development.
Founder : Yaro Starak
Content Rate : 3
Category : Internet marketing
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 7,781
Inbound Links : 1,656
Website link :

Name : Income Diary
Description : Learn exactly how the pros make money online and how they are able to live a life of financial freedom from passive income.
Founder : Michael Dunlop
Content Rate : 4
Category : Making Money Online
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,339
Inbound Links : 370
Website link :

Name : Strategic Profits
Description : Provide a proven system that allows smart, but overwhelmed business owners to quickly consolidate profitability
Founder : Rich Schefren
Content Rate : 5
Category : Internet Marketing
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,683
Inbound Links : 638
Website link :

Name : Early to Rise
Description : self help tips, online money making tips, goal setting, success secrets and healthier living advice.
Founder : Michael Masterson
Content Rate : 6
Category : Information Publication
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 50,082
Inbound Links : 300
Website link :

Name :
Description : Internet marketing
Founder : Yanik Silver
Content Rate : 7
Category : Internet marketing
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 90,701
Inbound Links : 168
Website link :

Name :
Description : Optimal Marketing Strategies ,provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business
Founder : Jay Abraham
Content Rate : 8
Category : Marketing
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 91,821
Inbound Links : 200
Website link :

Name :
Description : Young Entrepreneurs, Making Money Online Help Guides, Email Marketing, Website Ideas and Niche Blogging
Founder : Michael Dunlop
Content Rate : 9
Category : Making Money Online
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 14,199,357
Inbound Links : 8
Website link :

Name : ZPTsotetsi.COM
Description : Your Daily Source of latest Technews, Business, Market news, Personal Finance and Lifestyle & Arts
Founder : ZP Tsotetsi
Content Rate : 10
Category : Information Publication
Ranks : Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,403,121
Inbound Links : 5
Website link :

Friends, Some of these websites/blogs were start out with small capital and through to their Founders been committed and loved what they are doing, these websites/blogs today have made their make and surely have taken their piece of pie in the $1 trillion a year industry and best path is most are on autopilot...

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Zaks, Founder & CEO of ZPTsotetsi.COM.
Ps, ZPTsotetsi.COM is an online independent information publication that generates more than +20 000 a month. Under its brand, ZPTsotetsi.COM run and operates other 3 big website: , & . The publication keeps on education, empowering and provide knowledge, skills and tips to its user.