Need to get away from the mundane life? Here's the good news, wellness travel has boomed in the travel industry. It's more inclined towards yoga, meditation, excursions and beach drinks. Along with your holiday facilities, you'll be instructed by some professional wellness teachers and yoga instructors. Heard about Instagram wellness stars? These guys are taking over the internet as well as the globe to vitalize your body, mind and soul.

You might say - Oh well, that's fine, sounds great! But the best part is you can enjoy these invigorating activities in one of the spectacular locations of the world such as Bali, Thailand, Morocco on your cheap Morocco holidays, Ireland, Brazil and more.

So, are you all geared up to enjoy the game of fitness on a different level? Here are 10 stunning retreats that are all prepared to revive your mind and body. Bali has more wellness centres than anywhere else in the world. So, let’s introduce you to Bali. Apologies for the terrific temptation we are about to get you into.


Bali is world's sanctuary for wellness, spas and meditation. Tucked away in nature's most exotic location away from the commotion of the city, the island of Bali offers enticing packages and features.
Most of the wellness centres in Bali offer comprehensive ways to adopt fitness, health and a better life. With classic yoga lessons, avant-garde spas and exotic healing massages there are endless options to unite you with nature. A few famous wellness centres are COMO Shambhala Estate in Ubud, Fivelements Bali Retreat, Zen Resort Bali, Bagus Jati Wellness Resort and more.


Whether you’re looking for a weekend break or a blissful holiday in the bosom of nature, Thailand's detox centres and yoga resorts offer pure relaxation retreats to the visitors.
Being one of the hottest travelling spots in the world, the Buddhist culture and scenic regions attract those seeking to reconnect and unwind. If you're new to health and wellness escapes, the Northern Thailand has plenty of options to match your taste and budget. Muse flower Retreat, Santosa in Phuket, Kamalaya Resort in Koh Samui, New Leaf Resort are a few options for a budget wellness therapy.

Ilha Grande Island near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You'll just drool over Brazil and its scenic spots. The top class yoga teachers will guide you through a refreshing meditation and dance to resurrect your inner being. Additionally, you will relish nourishing super-foods at this eco-friendly atoll.

Marrakech, Morocco

Heard about Prema Yoga Brooklyn? This enchanting retreat hosts out-of-the-world experience in Morocco. You'll be at a home away from home at Morocco's luxury boutique hotels, Peacock Pavilions and Domaine Du Douar. You will also get to visit the striking seaside district of Essaouira, ride camels and enjoy an afternoon spa treatment. Apart from the wellness treatment, you'll have abundant time to explore the nearby markets.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Perched high up among the Swiss Alps, your time at the Santhosh Cottage will be filled with empowering aerobics, salsa and tango dance classes and weight-loss exercises. During your stay, you'll also be pampered with massages, hiking and healthy food. Do not forget to hit the ski slopes if you wish to enjoy skiing and snowboarding while enjoying memorable family holidays.


Wish to partake in some butt-kicking workout for a 5 -day retreat and spend ravishing nights in forest villas as well as on the beaches? It's a time filled with fun, boot camp activities, dance, yoga, small workshops and wellness therapy. Your daytime will be mostly outdoors, among snorkelling, horse riding and hiking to the historic Mayan ruins.

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Is surfing on your bucket list? The Riviera Nayarit in Mexico can offer you a heavenly experience. This Riviera is usually a women-only retreat. Expect some amazing surfing lessons, yoga facing the sea, salsa dances and lip-smacking delights.

Havana, Pinar del Rio and Cayo Jutia, Cuba

Get soaked in the Cuban history, enjoy yoga and meditation with one of the best teachers Stephanie Wag. When you're doing yoga, you can explore art galleries, museums and savour a lot of good food.

Costa Brava, Spain

Beginning from the celebrated Girona city, you'll enjoy walking towards the Pyrenees, an interesting fishing village during your time at the retreat. Not only you'll enjoy astonishing views of the stunning shoreline, you'll also go through wellness workshops and wine tasting events.

Maderas Village, Nicaragua

The dynamic Maderas hamlet offers a perfect setting to restore your being. Trained instructors Kate and Jenn offer yoga classes teaching you to control your breathing and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Once you're free, you will get a lot of time to go surfing, horse riding, enjoy a massage or relax poolside with some delicious drinks.

Tulum, Mexico

Their motto is - Hard work pays well. And yes, it does in this Mexican yoga destination. Your days will be combined with acute workouts, severe training, yoga and of course, leisure out at the popular Amansala Beach Resort on your amazing beach holidays.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

What would you like to do at a place where huge windows overlook the majestic ocean? You'll rather be speechless in this ancient farmhouse. This setup in Ireland makes an idyllic setting for yoga, meditation, workshops as well as exciting escapes to the Irish countryside. Enjoy vegetarian dishes and spas too. Make sure you visit the notable Cliffs of Moher, enjoy bike rides to charming villages and surfing too.

Bend, OR

Recognise your inner passion and take out that wolf within you. Two amazing fitness trainers Lauren Fleshman and Marianne Elliott will take you through some life-changing moments. You'll also get to explore the Bend trails and participate in some amazing workshops. Don't be disheartened, you'll get a lot of time to enjoy the scenic landscapes, hiking, paddle-boarding and relish some traditional delicacies.

These places have gained name and fame that the travel world plans to tag these destinations under best holiday destinations 2018.


Wellness treatments are gaining fame all over the world. You not only get to indulge in excursions, tours and sightseeing but when it comes to your body, there's nothing like a perfect yoga session or even meditation under the open sky at spectacular destinations worldwide.

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