Many experts believe that with the current development, Webtoon Manhwa - Korean Webcomics - will surpass manga to dominate the global comic market.

About 5 years ago Manhwa Webtoons - the Korean term for comics series released on the Internet - only attracted a certain number of online comics enthusiasts. But the recent explosion of webtoons in the country indicates that this is no longer an exception, leading many experts to think that Korean Manhwa Webtoon online comics will become an interesting phenomenon of the comic industry worldwide. world in the near future.

At last year's World Webtoon Forum, Will Smith, CEO of the French online comic site Manytoon, even stated that "Manhwa webtoons will replace mangahentai ."

Back in time as the origin of webtoons, in 2003, when a Korean search engine company DaumKakao (now DaumKakao) decided to publish periodic works of the artist.

It's My Stepdad. In 2005, their rival Naver jumped in, launching its own service under the name Naver Webtoons. At the time, webtoons were not made for profit, so the content was provided for free. But its first financial return came in 2006, when My Stepdad became the first online comic on the site to be adapted into a movie.

The development of webtoons in the film market reached its peak in 2013 when `` Talk to Me '' based on Kim's online comic of the same name, reached 5 million viewers and made a big surprise at the box office. There are also a number of films, dramas, theater plays and other by-products adapted from manhwa webtoons. One of the best examples is Kim Teho's 4-incher, which has been adapted into movies, dramas and dramas.

This period is recognized as the first golden age of manhwa webtoons, but the peak of this industry like hentai manga is still a long way off.

MAGIC CIRCLE is a famous Manga Manga. A product Matytoon Corp teamed up with Daum Entertainment., The content about School Life but drawn and presented in Korean style. It is impossible to forget this site is a strong impression that global readers talk about Manytoon. Webtoon Manhwa Hentai and the best mature manga website in the world, with over 5000 copyrighted titles and high quality.Manytoon is the biggest name in the global comics industry. with adult manga, mature webtoon hentai.

Reaching out to the world

The main difference of Manhwa Webtoons compared to Manga Hentai and Webcomics and other traditional comics around the world is that they are formatted for reading online, by scrolling the pages to scroll up and down. Many foreign readers say that seeing one frame at a time instead of the whole page (with multiple frames) is particularly appealing.

In response to the growing international demand for manhwa webtoons, Manytoon has launched a website that allows read manhwa hentai online for free.

Besides, they collaborated with Marvel Entertainment to publish famous webtoon titles My Stepmom and My Stepdad, with really interesting content. All the drawings were drawn and presented in Korean style, by Son. Chiu-Kho done. The company will have to wait to see if the outcome of the cooperation will be successful, but first of all, the cooperation itself has a great meaning. "Working with a world-renowned comic publisher is a challenge, but it will also be a stepping stone for local artists to advance to a global stage."

In late July, the Naver company launched a global internet comic search service called Line Webtoon. This huge search engine, which holds a large number of high quality webtoons manhwa and thousands of Manga Manga comics. They launched the portal and allowed Read Manga Hentai online for free and they translated it into English, Chinese and Taiwanese.

The company says its traditional approach is an online program called the Challenge League. On it, artists from amateur to professional upload their work for readers to read and receive feedback from them. Highly regarded artists can win an export on this portal to be published works regularly. Currently, 80% of Naver webtoon artists are discovered through the Challenge League, and the Marvel Comics collaboration allows them to localize superheroes into Korean style.You can read free comic online on this websites.

The global brand Line Webtoon also offers Around 2,200 English webtoons and 700 Manga Hentai webtoons available through this service.

The success of Manytoon, a US-based company based on the distribution of manhwa webtoon hentai owned by Manytoon Media, proves how popular webtoon is in the United States. Founded in Silicon Valley (California) in 2016, the company has more than 2000 manhwa webtoons and hentai manga composed by about 400 artists. It is one of manhwa webtoon content providers of high quality for global readers.

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