There are several thoughts that enter our mind when we head out to go shopping. How much will my bill be? How can this product help me? And, is my purchase good quality? But one thought that is crossing our minds more and more is what impact our purchasing decisions have on the rest of the world.

Consumers are increasingly interested in supporting companies and brands that give back to the greater good and are socially responsible.

In a recent survey conducted by DUCA Financial Services, adults over 18 years of age were asked about their views on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Results showed that four out of five people have a positive perception of a company that demonstrates social responsibility, and 75 per cent would be more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that they believe is socially responsible.

You can easily find out if a company practices CSR by looking for these top 10 factors in community engagement and environmental practices.

1. Ask the employees if they are engaged and satisfied.

2. View the company's website for information on employee training opportunities and workshops.

3. Find out if the company partakes in, and sponsors community events.

4. Get to know if they donate or raise money for local charities and organizations.

5. Inquire if there is a companywide recovery and recycling program.

6. Find out if the organization purchases recycled, reused or refurbished office supplies and furniture.

7. Ask if there is a hazardous waste disposal system.

8. Look at the corporation's website to see if they demonstrate transparency in finances and business practices.

9. Research their business code of ethics.

10. See how the company is creating a positive impact on the world.

Additionally, you can search online to see if a company has received B-Corp certification. B Lab, a non-profit CSR organization awards B-Corp certification to companies that demonstrate true corporate social responsibility based on an analysis in the areas of transparency, ethics, environment and social impact.

Recently DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, underwent an assessment by B Lab and became the first credit union in Canada and in the world to be awarded B-Corp certification. The credit union's longstanding DUGood philosophy of making the world a better place through giving and volunteering in the community contributed to the earning of the certification.

“We know that corporate social responsibility is important to our community; it's become part of our DNA,” says DUCA's president and CEO Richard Senechal. “That's why we are proud to have recently been awarded B-Corp certification and look forward to continuing to serve our environment and community.”

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