Almost every Life & Relationship Coach who has any credibility worth their weight in gold has some article on their website discussing stress and how to manage it.

Top 10 Ways To Master Your Stress.

How to Cope With Stress.

Manage Your Stress: Manage Your Life. etc

Not to be outdone by others, let me add my top ten ways to manage stress list to the fray. Before doing that, I just need to add one simple premise:

In order to truly manage your stress, you have to come to terms with a basic principle:

Your needs are just as important as everyone else’s. In fact, your needs come first. You must take care of yourself first, and then you can take care of others.

The old familiar cliché comes into play once again: You must put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you can really help anyone. Why? Because, it is the oxygen that gives you the strength to do so.

This one simple paradigm shift or change in our thinking eliminates a whole myriad of feelings that can leave us trapped, over extended, struggling with feelings of obligation, guilt and resentment towards the people we love and care for.

But you say, I have young children that depend on me. I have to put their needs before my own. Yes, dependent children’s needs do have priority. However, doing it all yourself, not asking for help, not developing a support system, not taking “time out” for yourself once in a while, is a recipe for disaster.

Setting limits and boundaries with the people in our lives our family, and friends, about what we will do for them, and when we will do it, as well as what they must do for themselves, is vital and necessary for our own sense of well-being.

This simple belief sends a clear message to the people in our lives about how much value we expect them to place on our own time and energies as well as how much value we place on these concepts ourselves.

It is from this belief, that the concept of respect comes into play: respect for ourselves, and how we teach others to respect us. Once we stop being martyrs and embrace this paradigm shift, stress management becomes so much easier.

Oh by the way enjoy the list. The Top 10 Ways To Manage Your Stress.

 Develop Realistic Expectations

 Stop Taking Things Personally

 Stop Owning Other People’s Problems

 Develop A Sense Of Humour

 Develop Flexibility

 Avoid All Or Nothing Thinking/Good/Bad

 Avoid Over Exaggeration and Generalization

 Avoid Drama and “Awfulizing”

 Stay Away From Negative People

 Learn To Say “NO”

Taking action and addressing the stress that we have in our lives is an investment in oneself that has a high rate of return. The Stress Toolkit listed here is full of tips and tools that can help anyone to manage their stress and live a more content, relaxed and peacful life.

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