Have you ever posted something on Twitter but forgot to post it on Facebook? Want to know who your followers are on Twitter, want to follow someone who follows you without having to check and see if you are already following them or not? Want to have all of your social media sites in one place to manage them all instead of having to log into each and every one? Well I have 10 tips that will help you put together your social media life.

1. SocialOomph: Have to many followers or trying to gain new ones? Having trouble updating your status and sending messages? Tired of logging in to each and every site? Well SocialOomph is here to make your social media life just a little bit easier. Manage tweets, statuses, and followers all with this one site.

2. Twaitter: This is similar to SocialOomph. But on a smaller scale. Schedule automatic tweets and send links to your blogs, webinars, seminars, events and whatever else you want your followers to check out. This is a quick and easy way to brand yourself among Twitter. Put Twitter on automatic with this one tool.

3. Tweetdeck: Ever wish you can see all your social sites in one site instead of having them all open at the same time or trying to keep track of your friends on all of your sites. Tweetdeck can help you manage all of your networks at once. Have access to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all on one application. And if you’re on the go they have an app for iPhone and Android. Update everything from your phone on all your sites.

4. Networked Blogs: For all you bloggers out there, this is a good site for you. Every time you post a blog this site will automatically post it to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Instead of going and telling all your friends and followers you have written a new blog this site will do it for you. So write your blog and it will let all your readers know and they can come to it and read it.

5. Plug Ins: Something else for bloggers. If you are using a Wordpress blog they have several plugins that can help you promote your blog. You can list all of your social media sites on your blog. Another plugin allows you to add buttons under you blogs so your readers can retweet and promote them for you. This helps you get even more readers.

6. Fiverr: Do you have $5? If you do this is a site where you can people only $5 to promote you. Your website, social media page, your webinar anything you want to promote. Need a banner design or anything else you can find it here for $5.

7. Ning: Don’t like some of the changes Facebook have made? Well Ning is a place to go where you can start and setup your own social network site. Or find others to join if the major 3 aren’t a fit for you or if they just seem to busy. Set up your own little network around your niche or find others to join.

8. Viddler: Ever done any YouTube videos, or looking for somewhere else to post besides YouTube? Well check out Viddler. Share all your videos on here as well as YouTube.

9. SlideShare: Do presentations much? Had anybody ask when are you doing another presentation or can you send them the one you did. SlideShare is a site where you can host your powerpoint presentation. Just set up a page on there upload your presentations and anyone who asks or missed it the first time can go here and see it.

10. Article Directories: Something else for the bloggers. Once you have your own blog posts you can share with several article directories to get more readers. Some article directories are Ezines, Idea Marketers, Go Articles and Articles Base. There’s thousands of them out there but these are just a few.

Author's Bio: 

Laron Henderson is a Social Media Expert and teaches you how to build a following on various social media sites.