Top Ten List

When I started Insight Out, I was instinctively drawn to helping people create a better work-life balance. I knew I wanted to support the growing number of burned-out business people, especially women, in helping them release the ever-mounting pressure they were under. I wanted them to feel hopeful again, even energized about their lives. Although at the time I didn't know the unsettling stats such as up to 90% of all physician visits are due to stress related illnesses or that 59% of workers feel that stress is affecting their interpersonal and sexual relationships, I did know that something just wasn't working all too often.

Have you been noticing this too? Maybe even experiencing it yourself?

Since starting my business I have dedicated myself to supporting businesswomen and men in finding ways to live lives of greater fulfillment and less stress. I must admit, I have even been brought to tears witnessing my clients make the most beautiful transformations as they start living the lives they were meant to live. So, in honor of my courageous clients and my committed Insights community, I thought it could help if I sat down and identified what Top Ten Tactics proved most helpful to my clients. I would like to share them with you now.

1. Breathing: Remembering to consciously breathe deeply has helped my clients ground themselves in the midst of worry, doubt and instability.
2. Celebrating themselves: Making efforts to replace negative self-talk with words of compassion and appreciation has helped my clients feel better about themselves.
3. Making requests: Asking for and accepting support from other people has helped my clients feel less alone (and has even resulted in getting someone else to do the dishes from time to time.)
4. Slowing down: Deliberating stopping themselves in those moments when they are frantically running from one to-do to the next has helped my clients switch off automatic pilot, in favor of more conscious participation in their own lives. (It has helped them lose their keys less often as well.)
5. Making time for fun: Intentionally making plans for fun has helped assure that work and chores don't dominate every moment of my clients' lives (and even more importantly allowed room for laughter and the occasional water park visit.)
6. Getting rest: Allowing themselves guilt-free downtime, be it an hour more of sleep or precious moments reading a good book, has helped my clients feel more rejuvenated and able to deal with the unpredictability of life.
7. Exercise: Prioritizing physical activity boosted my clients endorphins and immune system and even helped them finish their first marathons.
8. Making space to make goals: Taking time with themselves and/or their loved ones to think about the bigger picture has helped my clients feel more purposeful and focused.
9. Sharing their thoughts and feelings: Bravely overcoming their fears and sharing their feelings and thoughts with loved ones have helped my clients feel more supported, loved and heard.
10. Listening to their true selves: In developing their ability to reconnect to their true selves my clients have started living with authentic intention and direction which is the real clincher in living lives that are stress-free, integrated and fulfilling.

Practical Practice

For the next month, I invite you to take at least one of the Top 10 Tactics offered here and begin to incorporate them into your life so that you too can can live a more balanced, less stressful life.

And don't forget I am here to support you.

Author's Bio: 

Kirsten Mahoney, founder of Insight Out Life Coaching, enjoys speaking nationally and for the media on the subjects of life balance and stress management. She specialized in empowering burned out businesswomen live more balanced less stressful lives through coaching, workshops, retreats and corporate wellness programs. Her clients include Clif Bar, Wells Fargo, Cisco, eBay and Facebook. To find out more please visit