What do you miss in life the most? Ask yourself and you will be disappointed to know the answer- Peace. This is why it is important to go on vacations and Spiritual Retreats. These holidays offer you space, time alone, and a lot of opportunities to connect with people, their stories, which ultimately facilitates a growth experience. So, if you are awaiting summers and ready to book tickets to get to your higher-self and some new experiences in life, here are 10 Spiritual Destinations around the world for you to choose from:

1. Ireland

Not everyone knows that in the 7th century, monastic hermits came to Ireland in search of peace amidst the beautiful hills. Meditation and Yoga retreats here are priced according to your demand. Moreover, you can also enjoy the special and most loved, relaxing seaweed bath. If you wish to sail through a monastic experience, then St Kevin’s idyllic lake valley of Glendalough is your calling. The Amish market here shall let you enjoy the real Irish cuisine and buy their traditional handicrafts. This spiritual retreat will help you attain peace and purge everything toxic at the same time.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is famous all over the world and attracts travelers from all over the world. However, there is an aspect to this place that strays away from the usual and that is its spiritual offerings. Spiritual Retreats in Hawaii has a sole aim and that is to make you understand Environmental Sustainability. The eco retreats in Maui, cultural immersion at Oahu‘s east coast, and Ayurveda retreats at the Waimea Bay lets you connect with Mother Nature and find your true self in her lap while you meditate for a calmer mind.

3. Dominican Republic

Spiritual Retreats in Dominican Republic will be a dream-like experience that shall let you bask under its glory. This is notch higher than what you have seen before. The Yoga & meditation sessions are accompanied by Chakra balancing using healing stones. You can join the Yoga & Ayurveda retreats in Samana Province and Puerto Plata Province. Apart from these, you can also go for trekking in the popular Caribbean Jungle and meditate in the dense wood. The icing on the cake is the special walk, wherein, you are accompanied by a guide who takes you on a stroll during various positions of moon. This is considered auspicious for goals and intentions’ settings.

4. Texas

Spiritual Retreats in Texas City shall help you detox both the body and soul. The city life and its gunk in the face of pollution and contaminated food create toxicity in your body and affect the mental health as well. Go to Dallas for nutrition and relaxation techniques. The piney woods in Montgomery offer retreats for colon cleansing, Yoga sessions, and meditation classes. The urban cities of Austin, Houston, and Wimberley have meditation centers that focus on stress management and clean eating practices and Spa that offers natural body cleansing methods for a relaxed mind & soul.

5. Maldives

One of the most loved Spiritual destinations, Maldives has everything to help you attain your higher-self. This destination has retreats as per your choice and mood. There are luxury retreats in Landaa Giraavaru, Yoga Detox Retreats at the beaches, and meditation retreats. Apart from these wonderful options to go for, you can surf and snorkel to discover the mystic underwater life. If you are someone who spends consciously, then Maldives can be your affordable Spiritual Retreats Destinations.

6. Morocco

The place where traditional Hammas are still a part of the daily lives, Morocco is here for you. This destination is also one of the most sought after places for women retreats because of the hospitality, traditional influences, and good food. Everything spiritual starts at the ground level of realizing what you don’t know in reality. The influences of the nomadic life, mystery of the hidden Christian communities, beaches at El Jadida, Oualidia, and luxury resorts at Marrakech are some of the ways you shall nurture the memories.

7. India

The land of Ayurveda, Yoga, and spices, India welcomes you with love and hospitality. This country has multiple places where you would obtain the optimal level of spiritual satisfaction. Be it the mighty Himalayas adorning the land of Himachal Pradesh, backwaters of Kerala, or the Ghats in Haridwar, wherever you go, there will be peace and tranquility. Choose to go for either Yoga sessions or Meditation classes, the choice is yours.

8. South Africa

The most amazing fact about South Africa is that your spirituality will take a new turn amidst the depth of its jungles. The biodiversity, green dense forests, the road trip experiences in Johannesburg and exploring Blyde River Canyon and Kruger National Park are the parts of the same story. South Africa is one destination that will let you be friends with the best creations of God and unravel the hidden powers in you.

9. Italy

Now that you love the Italian cuisine, know that Italy is a place where you can attain your lost source of spiritual enlightenment as well. Italy is a destination where the newness meets the old traditions on a beautiful horizon. Come during the spring season and you can be a part of the Yoga retreats in Tuscany, and meditation classes in Lucca. Moreover, the old famous varieties of wines, olive gardens, and a history of rich culture shall level up your sense of existence.

10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another low key underrated destination for Spiritual Retreats. The clear blue sky and the beaches embarking on their shores definitely make it a great choice for people looking out for tranquility. The Yoga sessions in Ulpotha lets you see the stature of the Galgiriyawa Mountains, and witness a troop of monks who still live in caves and spends most part of their days in temples. If you want to witness a perfect balance of culture, traditions, and the modernity bordering each other, come to Sri Lanka.

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