You know how sometimes nothing is more romantic and relaxing than watching romantic movies together with your loved one - while cuddling on a cozy couch and drinking a glass of wine. Romance movies are known to bring out the romantic in us - both for men and women, whether teenagers or adults.

Whether it is a weekend night and you and your loved one are in the mood to watch a nice romantic movie together, or maybe it is a more special occasion like Valentine's Day or your birthday night, you can always enjoy a good movie with your partner.

So here are top 10 best romantic movies based on the ratings from other romantic couples. You can use this list of choose which romance film you like to watch together next time.

1. The Notebook
2. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
3. You've Got Mail
4. A Walk to Remember
5. Casablanca
6. Titanic
7. City of Angels
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
9. Lake House
10. Moulin Rouge

So which of the above movies you have already seen, and which ones are new to you?

3 Secret Benefits of Watching Romance Movies with Your Partner

You may think movies are just for fun, but sometimes there are great secret benefits you get from them. Here are the top 3 secret advantages you can get from watching romantic shows with your loved one...

1. Grow Your Intimacy and Romance

There is something so intimate and special about cuddling on the couch with your loved one, while drinking a glass of wine and watching your favorite romance movie together.

You laugh together at the happy moments, and you hold each other tight and seek comfort at the sad moments. That is why it helps grow you and your partner closer together and bring a new level of intimacy.

2. Suggest Ideas Indirectly and Get Him/Her to Do What You Want

So have you ever wanted your partner to be romantic in a certain way to you? Maybe it's planning a big romantic surprise for your birthday, or maybe even you secretly wish your partner would propose.

Well, then you can easily and indirectly suggest that idea by choosing a movie to watch together that has that idea happening in the storyline. Then it will act as a subtle reminder to him/her. Better yet, you can make a little comment about it to make sure your partner understand you like that part of the movie, and makes them wonder maybe they should do that for you in real life.

3. Remind Yourself to Cherish Your Love

Sometimes we are so busy in the life routine and that we may take love for granted and forget how important and precious it is. So when we watch movies in which something happens to one of the partners (like accidents or death), it reminds us how lucky we are to still have each other.

So next time you are in the mood to watch a good romance film with your loved one, you can use the above ideas to bring yourself a lovely evening together.

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